Grrr… Excursion ~ KC2011

March 15th through March 20th +

Tiger Bands “On the Road” Series


Dear Band Scholars


At the outset, I would like to extend to you my warmest welcome to the twenty-second [yep, I said 22nd – hard to imagine] “Grrr... Excursion” as we continue with our Tiger Bands “On the Road” series. This should be an especially exciting journey – one for which we have planned for nearly a year. It is particularly gratifying that after a few year hiatus, we shall resume our “On the Road” series as we support our College and our Team at the NAIA DI National Basketball Tournament in Kansas City. We have great memories past Grrr… Excursions to Kansas City – and look forward to this, the 2011 edition of our travels. This Grrr… Excursion, as with our excellent past travels to Tulsa I, St. Louis I, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Dayton, Tulsa II, the Tennessee Caravan, Tulsa III, St. Louis II, Savannah I, Tulsa IV , Savannah II, Kansas City I, Savannah III, Savannah IV, Kansas City I, MGE to Nashville, KCII, KCIII, MGE2 to Nashville and the Micro-Grrr… Excursion to Kansas City in 2008 will enable us to remain true to our “Band Travel Tenets” of: opportunities to perform in new and varied venues; opportunities to be a focal point of excellence, excitement and enthusiasm for Georgetown College, opportunities to visit important educational/historic sites; opportunities to be strong ambassadors for the College; and opportunities for the continued growth of esprit de corps among members of our Tiger Bands. I know each of you will commit yourself to the unqualified success of the KC2011 Grrr... Excursion.


Additionally, although it is hard to believe, this will be the eighth [yep, I said 8th] National Championship Event in which our “Fighting Tiger Grrr...Pep Band” potentially shall participate [i.e. if we “round the weekend” and get to the final game] during the Modern Era of our Tiger Bands [aka Tulsa II-1996, Tulsa III-1998, Savannah I-1999, Tulsa IV-2000, Savannah II-2000, Savannah III-2001, Savannah IV-2002]. These events have provided a not-to-be imagined “boon” for our Tiger Bands, bringing a level of exposure [live and via television] and national respect for the excellence in performance and imaginative “flavor and flair” for which we have become well-known. We are humbled by this great legacy, and grateful for the wonderful efforts of previous Band Scholars and the help of our many, many Band Friends that make our Tiger Bands “On the Road” series possible.


I cannot help but remember with greatest fondness our Grrr… Excursions of the past, starting with Tulsa I [Spring of 1994 when most of you were not yet in kindergarten]. Over the years – the many memories – the many great Band Scholars & Band Friends who have traveled with us – well, I have said it many times, I am the luckiest feller in the world – I have the best job in the world. KC2011 shall add to the great, ongoing, ever-growing legacy and lore of our Tiger Bands.


As always, there might be some changes, adjustments and alterations for KC2011 ~ as we get closer to the date ~ please know that I shall keep you posted. Please also remember that we are representing not only ourselves, but our entire Tiger Band Program and Georgetown College. It is a privilege for us to once again embark upon a Grrr... Excursion but please remember that with privilege goes responsibility. Let’s have a great trip. Grrr...



In this TourPac you will find …
(and yes, you must peruse carefully and digest fully all information)


(any/all E&O – aka Errors or Omissions are the sole responsibility of The Management)


1. purpose and objectives of the trip

2. loading and departure schedule

3. basic itinerary for trip

4. emergency telephone numbers

5. travel and behavior guidelines

6. room/housing assignments/alpha list of personnel

7. equipment needs

8. other general travel information

9. “FTGPB” Play List of Music

10. Medical Information/Release Form

Purpose and Objectives of the KC2011 Trip


1. provide a focal point of excellence, excitement and enthusiasm for our College and our Team


2. enhance the visible representation of Georgetown College at the NAIA D1 National Basketball Tournaments


3. provide an exciting venue in which our “FTGPB” may perform – Municipal Auditorium – in Kansas City


4. provide a tour setting where our sensational “FTGPB” may further enhance their esprit de corps and pride


5. re-affirm the position and role that our Tiger Bands have earned and hold – as one of – if not the ...

 premier small-college band program in the country


6. provide an opportunity for the Band Scholars of our “FTGPB” to view/visit sites of educational interest, to be chosen from; Truman Presidential Library, the Eisenhower Presidential Library & Museum, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum & American Jazz Museum, The Kemper Gallery, the Kansas City Museum, the Thomas Hart Benton Home & Studio, the Buffalo Soldier Memorial at Ft. Leavenworth, et al


7. continue the excellent travel habits which we have established on our previous Grrr… Excursions


Emergency Telephone Numbers


Croswell Bus Lines: 800.782.8747

[Ext 132-Anne-Marie; After Hours/Emergency-Ext 110]

Hilton Garden Inn: 816.350.3000

Ms. Judith Watkins Jones [Sales Manager]: 816.277.0097


NAIA Championships

John McCarthy [Tournament Director] 816.595.8000-Ext 122
Scott McClure [Manager of Championship Sports] 816.595.8000-Ext 112

Ryan Anthony [Men’s Basketball Intern] 816.595.8000-Ext 141

NAIA National Office: 816.595.8000


Dr. Peter LaRue – Mobile Telephone – 859.221.1315


Basic Information


Travel Synopsis

[changes/adjustments will be made as necessary]


Departure:        09:00 AM on Tuesday, March 15th

Return:             08:00 PM on Sunday March 20th, or Tuesday, March 22nd or Wednesday, March 23rd

Destinations:     From Georgetown, KY to Independence, MO, [570 miles]

Purpose:           NAIA National Basketball Championship DI Men ~ Game Venue: Municipal Auditorium

Media: TBA [there will be assorted local, regional and national coverage of all games]
                        CBS College Sports will cover the Championship Game

Coach:             Croswell Chartered VIP Coach
Hotel:               Hilton Garden Inn [Independence, MO]
Meals:              $15.00 per participant/per day [will be divided into three “cycles” – CI-90.00, CII-30.00, CIII-15.00]

Chaperones:     Mrs. Sheila Summers, Mr. Dick Cryder, Mr./Mrs. Lobitz

Director:           Dr. Peter LaRue

Travel Party:     Thirty (30)

24 Band Scholars, 04 Chaperones, 01 Driver, 01 Director


General Travel Information and Itinerary


Schedule Information


Please read the following schedule information with the GREATEST OF CARE [i.e. peruse carefully and digest fully]. Although there are some variables at this juncture – it is essential that you are fully aware of the basic schedule information. That which follows will serve as the framework upon which we will operate, knowing that changes and adjustments will be made as necessary. Please watch your email for updates and/or changes in our KC2011 plans. Grrr...


Monday, March 7th

02:00 PM         Worker Bees, KC2011 Prep
04:00 PM         FTGPB Rehearsal [Travel Roster personnel only] – TourPac Distribution


Wednesday, March 9th

02:00 PM         Worker Bees, KC2011 Prep
04:00 PM         FTGPB Rehearsal [Travel Roster personnel only]


Friday, March 11th

02:00 PM         Worker Bees, Final KC2011 Prep
03:00 PM         Late-Bird Auditions-Interviews [Prospective Tiger Band Members]
04:00 PM         No Rehearsals 


Monday, March 14th

[dorms open for any FTGPB Members needing to come back early]

07:00 PM         DLC & PJL [Other Worker Bees as needed – we’ll be in touch]


Tuesday, March 15th

07:30 AM        DLC & PJL Arrive
07:45 AM        Coach Arrives
08:00 AM        All Worker Bees Arrive
08:15 AM        All Travel Roster Personnel in Band Central/Loading Sequence Begins

08:30 AM        Complete Loading Sequence

08:45 AM        Departure Devotionals as coordinated by RT and the Devo Committee

09:00 AM        Depart for Independence, MO


**occasional breaks – approximately every two hours en route**


07:00 PM         arrive at the Hilton Garden Inn, Independence, MO


**check-in, tuck-in, rehearsal, supper**


Tournament Daily Schedule

Basically, we will follow the same daily schedule as we have in the past [Tulsa II, III & IV; KCI, KCII, KCIII, et al] with necessary adjustments and changes. Each day will be comprised of the following elements …


[times will vary substantially – depending upon if the “game” on a given day is 1st Round, 2nd Round,

Quarter-Final, Semi-Final or the Championship Game – see “game times” later in the TourPac]


--Scholar Wake-Up

--Scholar Breakfast

--Daily Informational Meeting & Morning Devos

--Morning Visiting of Historic/Educational Sites of Interest

--Scholar Lunch

--Afternoon Prep For Games ~ R&R

--Warm-Up Rehearsal

-- Hotel Rally for Hap & Co [optional]


--Scholar Supper

--Evening Activities

--Scholar Bedtime


[additionally – and as always – we shall add our special flair and flavor to assorted rallies for the Team and Alumni and other institutional events for the College – for these – we shall just be ready and flexible]


Departure Day [Sunday, March 20th or Tuesday, March 22nd or Wednesday, March 23rd]


[and we have learned over the years that on departure day, whenever it is, it is best to get up and get going]


05:30 AM        Scholar Wake-Up

06:00 AM        Loading Crew – Packing Sequence

06:30 AM        All Luggage Packed, All Keys/Cards Turned In At Front Desk

06:45 AM        Morning Devos

07:00 AM        Depart for Georgetown


**morning break, lunch, afternoon snacks, supper & evening snacks en route**


08:00 PM         Arrive Back in Georgetown


[obviously everything pertaining to the schedule and timing is subject to change – but the preceding will give you a pretty good idea of about how the operation will run]


General Information


**further amplification of the following occurs – throughout the “TourPac”**


You Will Need To Take


01. Necessary Tiger Togs:

a. FTGPB – Classic Black Grrr... T Shirts

b. FTGPB – White Five-Fold Band Tenet T Shirts

c. FTGPB – White Grrr… Polo Shirts

d. FTGPB – Orange IGTIA Polo shirts

e. FTGPB – Black Warm-Up Suit Jacket [hugely important, will be the prime identifier for admittance]

f.  FTGPB – Band Hoodies

g. Band-Bands

h. Band Blazer

i.  khakis [tan or light brown]
j. clean jeans which will be wore for all games other than if we “round the weekend”

j. Tiger Bands Orange & Black Garment Bags


[all Tiger Togs should be hung/stored in the Tiger Garment Bags [for those of you that have one], I had ordered 50 new ones last fall, called the vendor a few days making inquiry about them – have yet to hear back, hopefully we’ll have new ones for all – if not, I would recommend some type of garment bag]



For either final four or championship games – we shall wear – khaks, designated shirt and band blazer*


*please attach your name/name tag on your Grrr… garment bag*


*personal expressions of your Grrr… Spirit are encouraged but not required*


Probable Game Wear

[changes and adjustments will be made as necessary]


Game One

Orange IGTIA Polo Shirts – Jeans, Grrr… Warm-Up Jacket


Game Two

White Five-Fold Band Tenet T-Shirts – Jeans, Grrr… Warm-Up Jacket



Classic Black Grrr… T-Shirts – Jeans, Grrr… Warm-Up Jacket


Semi-Finals – Kansas City

Band Blazer, Khaks, White Grrr… Polo Shirt


Championship Game – Kansas City

Band Blazer, Khaks, Orange IGTIA Polo Shirt



[no apparel (i.e. hats, etc.) will be permitted at any of the tournament games

which say other than Georgetown College and/or Tiger Bands (i.e. no UK hats, no LCA  hats, et al)]


02. appropriate clothing for up to nine days and eight nights [if we go all three “cycles”]



for bus travel – you should plan on dressing neatly – but comfortably – as always – it is particularly good to have any assorted Georgetown paraphernalia to wear at all times –

this is also true for our touring of educational and historic sites


03. swim suits [there is a beautiful indoor/outdoor pool/weight room at the hotel]

04. necessary toiletries and personal needs

05. any extra money which you might wish to spend on  food, souvenirs, extras, etc.

06. books/materials of academe for your studies [never hurts to study]

07. instrument and musical supplies as needed [valve oil, reeds, sticks, beaters, trombone prophylactics, etc.]

08. cameras, etc. for “photo-ops” as they occur

09. audio and video offerings for group enjoyment on the bus [no “Something About Mary” – The Management]

10. Pillow or blankie [woobie] for comfortable coach travel


Again – you will want to dress comfortably, but NEATLY for travel, as we will be stopping along the way,

eating, etc. and you want to always leave a good “Band Scholar”  impression.


It is only necessary for each person to take ONE LARGE SUITCASE, your Grrr... TIGER BANDS GARMENT BAG [or similar in which you will hang all Tiger Togs] and ONE SMALL CARRY-ON. Excess luggage is cumbersome, takes up too much room and items are likely to get lost or damaged. Remember – please do not take more luggage than might be necessary. Space – as always – will be at a premium even with taking the VIP Coach.  IF YOU NEED LESS, TAKE LESS.


As I always say, please do not take large sums of $$$$$, six zillion dollar ear rings, DVD players, Ming Dynasty Vases or Faberge Imperial Easter Eggs. These items might get lost, damaged or misplaced, somewhere along the way.


It is very important for you to remember that YOU are responsible for your personal items. WE WILL NOT BE PROVIDING A VALET SERVICE FOR YOU!!! Also, it is your responsibility to help with all institutional equipment when loading, etc. And as always it is important to …



“Protect the Womenfolk”


The Tournament

We are so very excited that the performance aspect of this year’s Grrr… Excursion is supporting our College and our Team again in Kansas City at the D1 NAIA National Basketball Tournament. Although the brackets shan’t come out until the middle of the week [after you have already received your TourPac] I will forward them to you for your files and perusal. Game times, however, follow …

2011 Men ~ 84th Annual Division I Basketball Championship Tournament ~ March 16-22
Municipal Auditorium ~ Kansas City, KS

301 W 13th & Wyandotte


First Round, Second Round, Quarter-Final, Semi-Final & Championship Games [Central Time]
As with all tournament performances, there will be some logistical questions to be answered – we will hopefully – have the opportunity to "scope-out" the place prior to our performance at Game One.


First Round Games
Wednesday, March 16: 9:00 AM, 10:45 AM, 12:30 PM, 2:15 PM, 4:30 PM, 6:15 PM, 8:45 PM or 10:30 PM
Thursday, March 17: 9:00 AM, 10:45 AM, 12:30 PM, 2:15 PM, 4:30 PM, 6:15 PM, 8:00 PM or 9:45 PM

Second Round Games
Friday, March 18: 9:00 AM, 10:45 AM, 12:30 P, 2:15 PM, 4:30 PM, 6:15 PM, 8:00 PM or 9:45 PM.


Quarterfinals – Elite Eight
Saturday, March 19: 2:00 PM, 4:00 PM, 6:00 PM or 8:00 PM.


Rounding the Weekend – Semifinals – Final Four
Monday, March 21: 6:00 PM or 8:00 M


National Championship
Tuesday, March 22: 8:50 PM – Live nationwide on CBS College Sports.

We want to remember that while we are at the NAIA National Championship tournament and at the Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City that – WE ARE THEIR GUESTS. Although we are obviously partisan advocates for OUR College and OUR Team, we want to be gracious guests and well-remembered for our courtesy, decency and politeness to all others. At all times, please remember the “magic words” PLEASE & THANK-YOU. I want you to be FLEXIBLE, kind, gracious and pleasant in all dealings that we shall have while there. It is a guarantee that we will not have the “run” of the venue as we do in our much-beloved Alumni Gymnasium – and we will have to abide by dozens of specific guidelines regarding the tournament and each game including implications of media coverage. For some of the games – other “bands” will be present to represent other “teams”. We shall – as always treat them with dignity and respect.


It must also be remembered, that because of your great work and efforts – and that of earlier Band Scholars – at many previous NAIA National Championship events such as Tulsa II, III & IV and at Savannah I, II, III, IV and at KCI, KCII, KCIII, et al we have quite a reputation to maintain with the NAIA folks. We arguably are … and maintain something of an anomaly with our much-beloved “FTGPB” we run a DI operation at a relatively small, liberal arts institution [and in many folks’ minds – at this time there is none other like us]. The NAIA folks know us well and have serious expectations for the high quality and standards of excellence that we bring to our performances.


Media Guide


When at National Championship venues, there will be a great deal of media [print, radio and television] and bands tend to be “featured” in this coverage. Please remember and heed the following regarding media …


01. if television cameras are turned towards you – ignore them in toto – your job, your responsibility is to play or cheer in the generally prescribed fashion


02. if someone comes and asks [aka “axe”] to interview you – refer them to me or Dewey or Mrs. Lobitz


General Travel Guidelines and Behavior


As we are representing not only ourselves, but also our entire Georgetown College family while we are in Kansas City and Independence, we must be MINDFUL ABOUT OUR GENERAL BEHAVIOR. It is essential that each of you act like mature adult Scholars and DO NOT WHINE [Hoss-Cat – in spirit – will still get you]. Some basic guidelines that will make our travels enjoyable …


01. all basic rules for student behavior on campus must also guide your actions and behavior while we are on the road.   

02. kindness and a general cooperative atmosphere is not only encouraged, but highly recommended. When we get tired [and on this trip we might] we sometimes get “grumpy” – do not however, take this out on your fellow “FTGPB” travelers.


03. items in your possession which are illegal, unethical, unwise or in any way violates the “general spirit” of our band travels or college policy are forbidden [verboten] – home you will be sent.


04. any of your general behavior which we deem unsuitable for “FTGPB” travel is also forbidden – home you will be sent.


05. remember always – do not fondle priceless works of art.


06. we want everyone we meet, whether at tournament games at Municipal Auditorium, the Hilton Garden Inn in Independence or any other stops along the way, to have a lasting impression that the students of Georgetown College are the well-behaved, polite, courteous, bright young Scholars which you are – REMEMBER ALWAYS THE MAGIC WORDS – PLEASE & THANK-YOU!


07. as we will be spending a great deal of time in and around Kansas City – which is a rather large metroplex [unlike happy Georgetown] it is very important for you to remember to stay with the group, do not wander off and be careful of your general actions and possessions.


08. it is ESSENTIAL that you are always PUNCTUAL; if we say to meet somewhere at a certain time, be there a tad early. On any of our travels, the schedule is always “tightish” so be responsible for being where you are supposed to be, when you are supposed to be there.


09. generally ALWAYS BE HELPFUL and help watch out after each other. When we travel, we travel as our Band Family, and like all good families we must display collective concern for our entire unit.


10. please NEVER get off of the bus, until you are given the signal that we are ready to unload – this is for your own safety, and the well-being of the group.


11. please remember that at the hotel there will be/might be an access fee” for local calls, an “internet connect fee” for computer connections, et al … though “we” pay for the rooms – any individual expenses which you accrue are your responsibilitycheck and know what/where extra charges may be accrued before making choices regarding usage


12.  beware of the dreaded “VANZANT TAX” [even long-since Jeff's departure] it might creep up on you it  is an evil [666] thing!


13. Make sure you identify all emergency exits in the hotels upon your arrival – ALWAYS … BE PREPARED


We want to continue the great trend of excellent “FTGPB” travel which we have established on our “Tiger Bands On The Road Series” in the past.. I trust that we will have no problem in any of the areas listed above. We must remember that this is another great opportunity for our “Fighting Tiger Grrr... Pep Band” and we want to take this responsibility seriously. We will definitely want to continue our “FTGPB” – On The Road Series, and how we get along on this trip will decide what our future plans might include. Please remember that ANY TRIP – CAN BE OUR LAST if you choose to misbehave. We are all in this together, and must respect each other, in all ways and in all places, and everyone with whom we come into contact.


Special Reminders


01. Basically “we are on the clock” from the time we leave Georgetown until the time we return home; this concept of “on the clock” is obviously heightened as we get into performance mode for the games. Thanks.

02. I say it over and over – and allude to it several times in the TourPac – use of the “Magic Words” is crucial – always, please, thank-you, no sir, yes ma’am, etc cannot be used enough. Thanks.

03. Basically a very successful Grrr… Excursion is based upon each of you displaying a high degree of personal accountability at all times. Thanks.

04. MM$M [aka Munch-Money Management] cannot be stressed enough; for Cycle I you will be given 90.00 – think of it as 15.00 per day [which it is]; from the beginning you have to use your head regarding your MM$. That which we provide for you helps keep basic mind and soul together, if you tend to use 10.00 for each meal, well you can easily see the problem – you are going to move to deficit spending [like the federal government] very quickly. Please just use your head regarding your MM$. Thanks.

05. Again, again, again – EVERYONE needs to pitch in and help always. Whether or not you are assigned to a specific crew, a specific duty – you are expected to help. Thanks.


06. On past Grrr… Excursions, we have noticed a tendency for Band Scholars to “clump up” around doors, entrances, exits. This is neither wise nor good, as it will block someone else. Please be courteous and thoughtful always. Thanks.


07. When at a restaurant or eatery – if we are in a clump – and you see a single person, et al behind us – please let them move to the front. Again be gracious and courteous with and in all. Thanks.

08. Please remember that some cell/mobile telephones will effectively erase a hotel key-card. Generally wise to not keep them in the same pocket to avoid consternation later. Thanks.

09. We will be taking spare copies of our new “MRC” [aka Moron Release Clause” to be distributed and used as necessary. Grrr…




Sites of Interest


Over the years a key and crucial component of any of our Grrr...Excursions is visiting important and noteworthy educational and historic sites of interest. These sites are very much in keeping with the “liberal arts” nature of Georgetown College in general and the general operational philosophy of our Tiger Bands in particular. Since our Tiger Bands “On The Road” series began in the 1993-1994 academic year, Band Scholars have been afforded the opportunity to visit sites of significance – including the Air Force Museum, Oak Ridge Nuclear Labs, Carnegie-Mellon Institute, The Grand Ol Opry, Gilcrease Art Museum, Will Rogers Museum, Harmon Science Center, Wooloroc, the Hermitage, the Parthenon, the Shiloh National Battlefield, Country Music Hall of Fame – to name but a very few. This year – with KC2011 we are very excited that we are going to have the opportunity to visit some great, interesting, educational sites. Also, this year, for the first time you will receive NEXUS “Flex” credit for these special educational opportunities.


Kansas City, MO


Truman Presidential Library

Phone: 816.268.8200 or 1.800.833.1225

Location: 500 W Hwy. 24   Independence


Hours: Open daily 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sun noon-5 p.m.

Cost: Adults $8


Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

American Jazz Museum

NLBM Phone: 816.221.1920

AJM Phone: 816.474.8463

Location: 1616 E 18th St.   Kansas City


Hours: Open 9am-6pm Tue.-Sat., noon-6pm Sun

Cost: Groups +25 Adults $6 for both NLBM & AJM


Bruce R. Watkins Cultural Heritage Center

Phone: (816) 513-0770

Location: 3700 Blue Parkway Kansas City

Hours: Open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; closed Sunday and Monday

Cost: FREE


Nelson-Atkins Museum

Phone: 816.751.1ART

Location: 4525 Oak St. Kansas City

Hours: 10am-4pm, Wed; 10am-9pm, Thur - Fri; 10am-5pm, Sat; noon-5pm, Sun.

Cost: FREE


Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

Phone: 816-753-5784

Location: 4420 Warwick Blvd. Kansas City

Hours: Tues.–Thurs. 10–4, Fri.–Sat.10–9, Sun. 11–5

Cost: FREE


Thomas Hart Benton Home & Studio

Phone: 816.931-5722

Location: 3616 Belleview Ave. Kansas City


Hours: 10am-4pm Mon., 10am-4pm Thur. – Sat., noon-5pm Sun.

Cost: Adults $3


Abilene, KS


Eisenhower Presidential Library


Directions: Abilene is located on I-70 approximately 150 miles west of Kansas City and 90 miles north of Wichita on K-15. The Eisenhower Library is located about 2 miles south of I-70 on K-15

Location: 200 S.E. 4th Street  Abilene, KS


Hours: 9 a.m. until 4:45 p.m.

Cost: museum: Adults $8, boyhood home: $2 per


American Indian Art Center

Phone: (785) 263-0090

Location: 206 S. Buckeye Ave. Abilene, Ks

Hours: Mon-Sat: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm Sunday:  11:00 am – 4:00 pm (closed Wednesday)

Cost: FREE




costs are listed – but as with all things on a Grrr… Excursion – these fees

are covered by your ever-popular Tiger Bands


depending upon available “technology” daily Grrr… Excursion Updates

will be sent to members of our Tiger Band Friends & Family


Remember always …


There is the right thing to do, then there is everything else


We never know how high we are ‘til called to rise


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act – but a habit


Put your hands to work, your heart to God


Music is a Gift back to the Giver


Be Intentional


Choose to be happy


I Grrr… Therefore I Am



Institutional I/E [aka Instruments and Equipment]


There follows a listing of the institutional I/E which will take on the KC2011 trip. This is obviously NON-INCLUSIVE of personal instruments/belongings for which you are responsible. The following list is intended to help the loading crew and myself – make sure that we do not forget anything important.


Medicine Chest [4-6-36]

Medical/Dental Information Forms

“Seth II” [batteries]


Green Trunk I

(with tools, etc.)


Green Trunk II

(Give-A-Ways, Band-Bands, GYGO CD’s)


(Travel Cases = Rolley Trunks)


Rolley Trunk I

(spare supplies, 3-points signs, tape, et al)


Rolley Trunk II

(for spare supplies)


Rolley Trunk III

(rainy day supplies)


Rolley Trunk IV

(percussion stuff)


Rolley Trunk IV

(Ivan and his supplies, cords, tape, et al)


Rolley Trunk VA

(spare togs)


Rolley Trunk VB

(Ivan and his supplies)


Tevin’s Tiger Togs


GC Paraphernalia

2 Tubas & Cases

Tevin’s Eupher

3 Bass Drums and Cases

3 Bass Drum Stands

1 Snare & Stand


1 Quint & Quint Stand

suspended cymbal & stand

1 cow bell tree and stand

assorted sticks, beaters, mallets, etc.

[with spares]

assorted “small” percussion

[i.e. go-go bells, etc]



garbage bags [lots for bus and stands]

paper towels [lots]

orange SP&C coolers

styrofoam coolers

paper cups

masking tape, gray duct tape & clear duct tape – lots

FTGPB Sign, Grrr... Sign, Goats Beard

Decorations for Stands

 [i.e. American Flags, et al]

Tiger “Paw” face stencils

the ubiquitous “Tree”

Ivan & 5 Shirts & electric cords

3 dry erase boards & dry erase markers/erasers

anything else which we might use





Work Crew Assignments ~ KC2011


Although as always, it is necessary for everyone to pitch in and help with all that needs to be done, I am selecting the following Band Scholars for special Grrr... Excursion Duties to ensure the unqualified success of our KC2011 trip. Please carefully peruse this list and if you have any questions about your role, please ask me. It is essential for me to know that I can count upon you Scholars in these special roles. Thanks in advance.  Grrr...


Mr. Dewey L. Creech [aka Stubby, Dew, Mr. Creechbaum] Executive Coordinator, KC2011


Preparation Percussion Equipment

Logan, Neemo, Hunter


Medicine Chest/Prep Green Trunks



Preparation of Accounting Book



Travel Snacks

Hannah & Miss Stuck


Preparation of all Signage

Rebecca, Tori, Hillary


Loading Crew

Sean [Coordinator], Neemo, Eddie,
Travis, Nathan


     Order of Loading

1) institutional instruments/equipment

2) personal instruments

3) garment bags

4) personal luggage


The Enforcer

White Trash & Decorating Crew

 [Bus, Game Site, All Other Stops]

Kendra, Katie, Michelle


In Charge of Solid Shapes

No Gavin

[what will we do?]


Head Count

[arguably the most important job]

Miss Stuck


Departure Devos and Morning Devos

Rebecca, Jonathan, Evan, Hannah,


Keeper of  “Seth II” [Photo-Ops]



Audio/Video Engineer

[for your bus enjoyment]



Set‑Up/Front Crew for KC3

Dewey, Stephen, Logan


Group “Den Mother”

The Queen


Social Chair

Miss Sheila


Assistant Social Chair



Happiness Agent

Tevin [upon his arrival]


Anti‑Whining Agent



Keeper of the Flame



Keeper of Ivan

Travis & Nathan


In Charge of Dr. Pete's Sanity

The Queen

Jason [in abstentia]

Lucas  [in abstentia]
Cousin Kim [looking down from Above]





please do not hesitate to join our

“Partnership for an Idiot-Free america




All personal instruments, the tubas, the drums, and other percussion equipment will be stored on the bus in the cargo bays. We will follow the same procedure as we have with all past Grrr... Excursions. Again, YOU, AND YOU ALONE are responsible for your personal instrument. Any time we depart [from GC, from informal rallies or other playing opportunities, or tournament games, etc.] ask yourself, “did I put my instrument on the bus”? Also, it is a good idea to take extra reeds, corks, valve oil, etc. which might be needed during the course of our trip. I will be taking some generic repair equipment, but the scope of this equipment is limited.


Meal Money


You will be given 15.00 per day for the trip [Cycle I=90.00, Cycle II=30.00, Cycle III=15.00 or a potential total of 135.00]. This should very adequately cover your eating needs, however if you are a Scholar Hog, I would recommend that you take some extra $$$.




As you know, we are staying at a very fine property … the Hilton Garden Inn – Independence which is a very nice place indeed. We have stayed there on previous jaunts to Kansas City [actually since it was brand new] and it has been recently totally renovated. You of course, are expected to act and behave in the hotels as the fine young Scholars that you are.  Appropriate behavior does not include foolishness like the unnecessary messing up of rooms, loud or disruptive behavior [obviously, there will be many other guests in the motels] breaking or in any way harming the furnishings of the motels and certainly not taking from the motels, anything which you did not bring with you. Any charges beyond the basic room charge will be your responsibility. Please remember that there might be a telephone access or internet access charge [just check before usage]. In the past this has been an unfortunate surprise for some Scholars. Know that you will probably be charged .75 to 1.00 for each call placed outside of the hotel [to order a pizza etc.] or 9.00 a day network fee [or something like that].  You will be responsible for these charges.  You will also be responsible for the keys/cards given to you. Please remember that there will be many guests in the motels in addition to us, and we must treat them with respect, as we would want them to treat us with respect. We must be sure that the fine folks at the Hilton Garden Inn will want us back again in the future.


Books & Materials of Academe


It is never an “unwise” choice – to take along some books or materials of academe on any of our Grrr... Excursions. I acknowledge that most of KC2011 will be during Spring Break – however – if we do “round the weekend” you will be on the “academic clock”. As such, and as there will be a great deal of time on the bus – for you to study – this is a good way for you to spend your time.




As you know, an integral part of our Band Travels – Grrr... Excursions is the opportunity for you to visit and view educational and historic sites of interest. This is a very valuable and important side of our collective travel experience, and we want to take full advantage of these opportunities. We will “fit” site-seeing in and around tournament games as possible/necessary. Although there is always a certain degree of flexibility which must apply to any travel plans, we will “hit” the main sites of interest for KC2011 which were listed earlier in the TourPac.


Each of these stops provide special meaning and lasting memories for each of our Band Scholar Grrr... Excursions.  Please remember, when around other groups of people, particularly in the motels, the tournament games or at other site-seeing stops, please be polite and do not be disruptive or make loud bizarre comments. Help watch after each other.




Please be more than PUNCTUAL at all times. If I say we are going to leave a certain place at a certain time, BE THERE. It will be slightly problematic if we are spending a great deal of time waiting and wondering where someone is [and Miss Stuck, as “head-counter” extraordinaire will become “irked” with you]. If you tend to have a problem with punctuality, this is a good time to mend your wicked ways. Although being “on the clock” is always an important aspect of being a Band Scholar, when we are “on the road” punctuality is particularly essential. Please be good Scholars and don't make more of my hair fall out or turn gray [and/or orange if we get to the Championship Game]. Remember, I'm aging very rapidly at this juncture in my life.


Worship Service


In some of our past travels we have collectively attended Sunday Worship Services and this is always a very special time for our Band Scholars. This year, however, if we round the weekend – we are going to be having our own, private Sunday Worship Service [led by our Devo Crew and very likely also involving Hap and the Basketball Team]. I think this will make for a very powerful experience for each of us. Depending upon game results – our Sunday Worship Service shall take place either in or around Kansas City or “on the road” as we return to Georgetown.


Again, I am extraordinarily pleased that we again have the privilege and pleasure to represent Georgetown College, support our Team and showcase our Tiger Bands at the NAIA National Basketball Tournament in Kansas City. I look forward to the opportunity to again travel with each of you on another Grrr... Excursion knowing that you will continue to be exemplars of our cherished Five-Fold Band Tenets …


Academic Excellence      Musical Achievement     Spiritual Values

Leadership Skills     Commitment to Georgetown College


I look forward to another great trip and the opportunity to again let folks see and hear our much-beloved Fighting Tiger Grrr...Pep Band. Be Well.


Most Warmly,

Pete LaRue

Tiger Bands




2010-2011 Performance Season

I Grrr… Therefore I Am

Band is our Business … and Business is Good!




KC2011 – Play List


Primary Grrr… Tunes


Devil with a Blue Dress On

Gimme Some Lovin'

Good Golly Miss Molly

Hey Baby

Johnny B. Goode

Land of a Thousand Dances

Lion Sleeps Tonight

Louie Louie [Lewis, Lewis]

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

Mony, Mony

[featuring DLC]

Peter Gun

Son of a Preacher Man


Zoot Suit

[featuring NNT]

Other Grrr… Classics


Fight Song

Hey Cheer

Shine Down

My Old Kentucky Home


Grrr… Cheer Tunes


Go GC Cheer [Version 3.10]

[b flat, d, e flat, e natural , f]

Go Tigers Cheer

[b flat, b flat, a, a flat - back up]

Trombone Snickers



[used as necessary – deemed appropriate – maybe]


First Down Song [for mean opponents]

Happy Birthday [someone will request this]

If You’re Happy and You Know It

Jeopardy [maybe]

Play Your Own Fight Song [to confuse folks]


It must be remembered that in tournament settings – particularly national venues – that we will tend to play less and cheer more – everyone needs to be in high gear and focused upon adding our special little flair and flavor to the proceedings – we will be having “cheer tutorials” for us in en route



Grrr… Excursion
KC – 2011 ~ March 15-20 [possible extension to 3/23]


Housing Listing




Lady Scholars


2-triples; 1-double

Gentlemen Scholars


4-triples; 1-double-double



1-doubles; 4-singles



13 Total Rooms


Girl Rooms

Boy Rooms

Support Staff Rooms

Room #1___________

Rebecca Thompson
Tori Bachman-Johnson
Hillary Jones

Room #4___________
Eddie White

Johnathan Rogers
Sean May

Room #9___________

Mrs. Sheila Summers


Room #2___________

Kacey Stuck
Hannah Osborne
Michelle Larberg

Room #5___________

Dewey Creech
Hunter Hanks
Nathan Vertuca

Room #10___________

Mrs. Janet G. Lobitz

Mr. Dick Lobitz


Room #3___________

Kendra Koontz
Katie Morris

Room #6__________

Stephen Parker
Evan Harrell
Jonathan Kays

Room #11____________
Mr. Dick Cryder

Room #7____________
Eric McConkey
Kyle Hagedorn
Travis Mazurek

Room #12___________

Bus Driver




Room #8___________

Logan Poe
Neemo Tawasha
Tevin Lloyd [Friday]

Cody Nance

Room #13___________

Dr. Pete LaRue



Band is our Business … and Business is Good


Grrr… Excursion
KC – 2011 ~ March 15-20 [possible extension to 3/23]


Alpha Travel Party

Student Participants

Tori Bachman-Johnson

Dewey Creech

Kyle Hagedorn

Hunter Hanks

Evan Harrell

Hillary Jones

Jonathan Kays

Kendra Koontz

Tevin Lloyd [joining us en route]

Michelle Larberg

Sean May

Travis Mazurek

Eric McConkey

Katie Morris

Cody Nance

Hannah Osborne

Stephen Parker

Logan Poe

Johnathan Rogers

Kacey Stuck

Neemo Tawasha

Rebecca Thompson

Nathan Vertuca

Eddie White

Total: 24


Adult Participants

Bus Driver

Mr. Dick Cryder

Dr. Pete LaRue

Mr. Dick Lobitz

Mrs. Jan Lobitz

Mrs. Sheila Summers

Total: 6


Grand Total: 30

Band is our Business … and Business is Good




Medical and Dental Information Form

Tiger Bands “On The Road Series”


[at this point I think We/Stephen has one for everybody on file – if not …]


The following information is sought so that in the event of a medical emergency, the best treatment may be immediately administered. This is for “IN HOUSE USE ONLY”. If you feel uncomfortable with any of the questions, please do not respond. Please understand, that I am trying to plan ahead, in case one of you Band Scholars becomes ill.


Full Name:

Last _____________

First: ____________

Middle: _________


Mobile Telephone (which you will/may have with you for Trip)

Area Code: _______

Number: __________

Home Address:


City: _____________

State/Zip: _________

Home Telephone:

Area Code: _______

Number: _____________________________


Contact Person (in case of emergency):

Name: _______________________________

Relation: _________

Contact Person Telephone Number

Land Line

Area Code: _______

Number: __________

Contact Person Telephone Number


Area Code: _______

Number: __________

Medical Insurance Carrier

Name: ___________

Policy/Group Number: __________________

Dental Insurance Carrier

Name: ___________

Policy/Group Number: __________________






Any regular medication of which an attending physician should be aware?     No     Yes

If Yes – name of drug(s) ___________________________________________________________________________






Any known allergies/allergic reaction to medicine(s) of which an attending physician should be aware?     No     Yes

If Yes – name of drug(s) ___________________________________________________________________________






Any known pre-existing conditions of which an attending physician should be aware?     No     Yes

If Yes – nature/name of condition(s) _________________________________________________________________







Any Church or Religious objection(s) to any specific type of medical care?     No     Yes

If Yes – please describe fully _______________________________________________________________________






Your Signature:












Peter LaRue

Tiger Bands