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Working Weekend #1
September 16th & 17th
(Grrr... Rehearsal, TBLE&B and the Home Opener [not photographed])

Our Working Weekend #1 began with the arrival of the Band Scholars to Tiger Band Central.

Left: The Ten of Hearts Arrives
Below: Fledgling Paul [with Middle Child Matthew lurking behind] arrives

Above: Scholars Nora & Heather looking chipper

Right: Guest Demian Austin joins the Alchettes
(Demian, son of cherished Band Friend Sharon Austin, Principal Trombone at the Metropolitan Opera House in NYC)

Since 1999, the TBLE&B[aka Tiger Band Leadership Event & Barbecue] has been an integral part of our Tiger Band offerings.

The assorted teamwork and leadership activities designed by Mr. James Koeppe for the Band Scholars - prove to be very helpful. A good time was had by all.

Elder Scholars David, Ken & Bahb

Alchy - finally finding a good use for Jon

Upper Right: Cherished Band Friend and Head Football Coach - Bill Cronin - talks with the Band Scholars

Lower Right: "Captain" Alchy leads the troops in a "TJT" [aka Tiger Jack Tutorial] - you simply never know how valuable it is to have a Band Alchemist

The Band Scholars working on their Tiger Jacks

Above: Middle Child Allie and Friends

Upper Right: Fledgling Michael - well looking like a fledgling tuba player

Middle Right: Fledgling Jeremy and Friends cheering on their team

Lower Right: Matthew on the course

Below: The Queen of the Rodeo working hard with her team

Cherished Band Friends "The Queen" - Shirley & Mike College and Dick Lobitz

our Tiger Bands are so very fortunate to have the support of many, many Band Friends - both of the "OC" [aka On-Campus] and "GC" [aka Geographically-Challenged] varieties - we cherish these folks

Upper Right: Bill, Cousin Kim, Jan, Miss Sheila and food-buddy Darlene

Lower Right: Great Band Friend, Coach R. Happy Osborne, Head Basketball Coach getting some grub [his lovely wife Bobbi behind him]

Below: Music Buddies Dr. Burnette & Dr. Campbell

[good Band Friends "The Archbishop", aka Director of Athletics, Eric Ward & Big-Bob, aka Food-Buddy Robert Agee were also around - but missed the pics]




Shea: one of the facilitators - running a debriefing session with the Band Scholars

Hopefully all is in readiness for the debut performance of the 2005-2006 edition of our much-beloved "FTGPB" [aka Fighting Tiger Grrr... Pep Band] for the Home-Opener

..... more to come .....