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Legacy Music - 2008

David R. Holsinger
(in his Band Hoodie)

We Love Legacy Music

(Original FTGPB Members prior to departure for Tulsa I - 1994)



World Premiere Compositions

Okie-Dokie - it probably goes without saying that one of the biggest events in the life of our Tiger Bands, in the life of Georgetown College was the internationally-acclaimed David R. Holsinger being commissioned by us and composing expressly for our Tiger Symphonic Band Legacy Music.

This multi-year project culminated with the never-to-be-forgotten Band Gala on April 23-25, 2008 when our Tiger Symphonic Band performed the World Premiere of the incredible Legacy Music.

We shall long remember and cherish the "journey" upon which this project was based - the genius of Mr. Holsinger, the joy of working with this amazing man, rehearsing and preparing Legacy Music and the Band Gala itself. Words simply cannnot ~ can never describe the experience.

Thanks & Thanks to the many who sacrificed and gave so this special event would become a reality.

You may see - now and forever - images of the Band Gala on the index page of our Tiger Band Web.

In addition to Legacy Music - over the years, we have pursued other "new music" opportunities for our Tiger Bands ...

During the 1996-97 academic year we were extremely fortunate to feature two "World Premiere" compositions with our Tiger Symphonic Band. In the fall, we debuted "Reflections" composed expressly for our Symphonic Band, by our good friend Scholar Barry [Barry Daugherty]. In the spring, we presented the world premiere of "Hymns of Praise Medley" by Dr. Sonny Burnette, a piece which he had entered in a national band composition contest. Sometime [during the next decade/century or so], we will premiere a composition which I began  writing for our Symphonic Band during the fall of 1999 - and am dedicating to our Band Scholars - a three-movement work based upon Celtic folk songs entitled "The Emerald Isle". In general, we will continue to seek these opportunities, and provide this special experience for Band Scholars and with the growth of our Tiger Bands - we have more and more composers who would like us to perform their music - which provides for us many, wonderful musical opportunities.