From the GEL [Grrr Excursion Log]
Band Date: 031411
Pre-Departure Day

Dear Friends [OC & GC Band Friends, Prospective Fledgling Members & The Band Scholars],

I hope this finds you well. Although ‘tis hard to imagine – tomorrow morning the wheels shall roll as the Band Scholars of our “I Grrr… Therefore I Am” edition of the Tiger Bands embark upon the KC2011 GrrrExcursion. Any of our major band travels – have unusually long gestation periods [actually just a skosh over a year] and believe you me, it is high time for the birthing of KC2011 as our Tiger Bands “On the Road” series continues.

We consider it a great privilege and a distinct pleasure to again have an opportunity of this nature, as we are positive ambassadors for Georgetown College, and great representatives for the now storied legacy and lore of the Tiger Bands. In all, please know we shall strive to be positive exemplars of our 5FBT [aka Five-Fold Band Tenets] and a focal point of excellence, excitement and enthusiasm in the places we shall visit and the venues in which we shall perform.

Band Friends: Thanks, Thanks & Thanks for your support of our Tiger Bands. Without you, jaunts of this type would simply be impossible. We are humbled by and appreciative of the continuing faith you have in the very special experiences which Grrr… Excursion provide for the Band Scholars [and yes, I hasten to add – if you have not, and would still like to “help” – we will need it (trust me) upon our return – it is never too late – smile]. While “on the road” we shall strive to be exemplars of excellence in performance as we support our College and our Team, and exemplars of thoughtful inquiry as we have the opportunity to visit many museums and galleries. Also, if interested, you may view the KC2011 TourPac [which shall provide focus for the entire Grrr… Excursion] – by punching up the Tiger Band Web [it is towards the top in the center] …

Band Scholars: I hope you are as excited as am I about the possibilities and potentialities of KC2011. Memories will be made that I hope you cherish for a lifetime. Please fully digest [and have with you] the TourPac, ensure you have triple-checked all essential needs [especially your Tiger Togs and Grrr… I/E (aka Instruments and Equipment)] and remember that starting tomorrow morning timeliness shan’t be discouraged. We shall be “on the clock”. I’ll see you all at Band Central around eight bells [Worker Bees a bit before].

Please be watching [if all is well in the world of technology] for daily offerings from the GEL [aka GrrrExcursion Log] while we are on the road. They shall be provided for both your information and enjoyment.

Again – Thanks & Thanks to one and all. I hope you shall be thinking about us and praying for us – over the next several days. For those of you with Roman inclinations – Happy Ides of March; for those of you with Irish Inclinations – Happy St. Patrick’s Day; for those of you with Tiger Inclinations – Grrr... Be Well!

Most Warmly,
Pete LaRue
Tiger Bands

2010-2011 Performance Season
I Grrr… Therefore I Am
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