From the GEL [Grrr Excursion Log]
Band Date: 031611
Tiger Bands “On the Road” Series – KC2011

Good Evening,

I hope this finds you well. A quote I saw on the side of the incredible Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art earlier today …

It is by the real we exist. It is by the ideal we live.

I thought that was rather thought-provoking. Aye? Well, it has been sunny, beautiful and warm today here in Kansas City – which was delightful as it was “AD” [aka Art Day] with the GrrrExcursionnaires.

Our day started with Devos [from the God Squad – today led by Jonathan] and our general information session. We proceeded to the I-Hop for breakfast and then started “AD”. Hard to put into words the Nelson-Atkins, and then we also had the opportunity to spend time at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. What a fabulous experience for all.

Then we headed back to the hotel for rehearsal and final preparations for our first performance at Municipal Auditorium tomorrow. Out to Wal-Mart for some supplies and now back to the Hotel.

Tomorrow is an early start in our world [actually I would tend to say “nearly noon” – but some have a slightly different approach to time], but trust me, the Band Scholars are red hot and a’heatin’. Our Grrr… Performance shall start at 8:30 AM [approximately] – followed by the 9:00 AM Tip-Off as our Tigers led by Coach Robert Happy Osborne, Jr. take on the squad from Olivet Nazarene [IL]. Following our game – we shall stay at Municipal Auditorium for a special performance as we continue to lend our unique flavor and flair to the National Championship venue.

It would now be appropriate for everyone to yell loudly Grrr… [or at least think loudly a virtual Grrr…] from wherever you might be and at 9:00 [CDT] tomorrow be cheering for our Tigers. Trust me, your much-beloved “FTGPB” [aka Fighting Tiger Grrr… Pep Band] will be doing our best to support our College and our Team. Go Tigers! Be Well.

Today’s Photos [attached]
- view of the main wing of the Nelson-Atkins from the Sculpture Garden [photo by LDP]
- GrrrExcursionnaires at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

Most Warmly,
Pete LaRue
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