From the GEL [Grrr… Excursion Log]
Band Date: 031711
Tiger Bands “On the Road” Series – KC2011

Good Evening,

What a glorious day it was in Kansas City, what a delightful day to be upon a Grrr… Excursion.

First “things” [much as I dislike that word] – well, first. The Georgetown College Tigers were victorious in their first round game today at Municipal Auditorium, with a solid win over Olivet Nazarene [83-76]. It was a great day for the College, for Tiger Basketball and for our Tiger Bands. Congratulations to Hap & Co.

The Band Scholars were in fine fettle, absolutely no doubt about it … crews solid ♪ … set-up sequence ♪ … performance quality ♪ … energy/enthusiasm level ♪ … yeppir all was about as it should be [although we shall surely step it up a notch or two for tomorrow’s game].

The Troops were surely a point of pride for our entire campus community today and yet again wowed the NAIA administration, the tournament management and folks in attendance [a big Thanks & Thanks to Mr. John McCarthy, Tournament Director, who is a huge fan of our Tiger Bands – what we do, how we do it]. A day like this is how we have generated the truly national reputation of our Tiger Bands over the years. A very special Thanks, Thanks & Thanks to the Band Scholars and all who help us constantly in our endeavors.

In addition to the splendid game, this afternoon we enjoyed the spectacular Truman Presidential Museum and Library. Sights and Scenes to not be soon forgotten!

Tomorrow it shall be Game Two at Municipal Auditorium as our Tigers take on the squad from McKendree University at 12:30 CDT followed by some more museum visits. Go Tigers.

Thanks & Thanks to all and everyone for your continued support of the Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands and your faithful reading of the Grrr… Excursion Logs while we are on the road. Be Well.

Today’s Photos [attached]
- FTGPB Performance [Early, Early AM]
- Grrr… Excursionnaires at the Truman Presidential Museum and Library

Most Warmly,
Pete LaRue
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