From the GEL [Grrr Excursion Log]
Band Date: 031911
Tiger Bands “On the Road” Series – KC2011

Good Evening Friends Near and Far – I hope this finds you well.

A pretty ho-hum day here in Kansas City with our GrrrExcursionnaires. Relatively early wake-up call [please avoid ever seeing Jesse Eddie early in the AM], then fine Devos by the Leader of the God Squad, Rebecca. Ran over to I-Hop for some grub, then downtown to a new historic site on our ever-expanding list of educational venues … The National World War I Museum. Trust me, this place is not-to-be-believed! One of the finest museums I/We have ever attended [and we will be going back – soon]. Completed in 2006 [on the site of the original 1926 museum and 217 foot tall Liberty Tower], this truly state-of-the art museum takes a person on an epic journey through a transformative time in our world’s history. Words cannot describe this museum.

But I digress, we continued our pretty boring day with a quick jaunt back to the hotel to get Grrr… Ready, then down to Municipal Auditorium to play another little informal rally for Hap & Co. It was raining pretty hard at this juncture [you Alumni Band Scholars will appreciate this – we nearly had to break out the Rainy Day Rolley Trunk for the ponchos and tarps – not what you much-expect during basketball season]. So it was cloudy, cold and rainy which added to the general lackluster nature of the day. It is true that a television crew and many others filmed us again – but what the heck! After a bit, Coach Osborne and our Tigers came out – and it was our distinct pleasure to welcome them again to Municipal Auditorium.

We then went inside – and with the ongoing help of John, Bob and so many great Tournament folks and Muni folks got ready for the game [we did enjoy watching our conference sister Pikeville knock-off the #1 ranked Robert Morris [only time in my life I’ll probably ever root for the fine folks from Pikeville].

Then the day continued to drag on and we finally came to our 4P Tip-Off.

Okie-Dokie, I can continue the charade no longer. Grrr… This was one of the most-exciting days in the life of our Tiger Bands and Tiger Basketball … Ever. Grrr… Although few thought Hap & Co. had a chance against the powerhouse Concordia University, CA [who beat their second round opponent by an even 40 points yesterday] our Tigers knew otherwise and fought tooth and nail to earn a classic 69-67 over the #2 ranked CU. Grrr

I cannot possibly put into words what an exciting day this was for our College, our Team, our Band and our entire Campus Community. One for the record-books. And trust me, the Band Scholars added immeasurably [possible understatement] to the legacy and lore of our Tiger Bands today as we continued to wow and charm the fine folks of Kansas City [at this juncture I hope you have seen any of the several nationally reported stories regarding Georgetown on television (I/We have been getting words from all over the country that they saw our much-beloved GrrrBand)]. Grrr… Again words nearly [but not quite] escape me – even several hours after this not-to-be-forgotten experience ended. Grrr… HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Coach Osborne and our Tigers. Grrr

So we shall now play/perform in the prestigious Final Four, Monday evening as Georgetown takes on the #3 ranked team from Mountain State University [WVA]. What a great accomplishment for Hap & Co., what a thrill for our Band Scholars, what a mark of excellence for Georgetown College. Tip-Off shall be at 8:00 PM [CDT].

As those of you very familiar with our Tiger Bands know, for many years now we have planned for, hoped for and looked forward to “rounding the weekend” in Kansas City and now this happy eventuality has come to pass. All of our contingency plans are in place – and we are working out the day-to-day details as we go. I simply could not be more thrilled or excited. Even if we end up having to “wash a few dishes” here or there [literally or figuratively] we are gonna make this work as we continue our support of our College and our Team. Grrr

Please be watching for more updates from the GrrrExcursion Log. Thanks & Thanks. Be Well.

Today’s Photos [attached]
- National World War I Museum – Entrance
- Fingers – Grrr… Ready

Most Warmly,
Pete LaRue
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