From the GEL [Grrr Excursion Log]
Band Date: 032011
Tiger Bands “On the Road” Series – KC2011

Good Evening Friends: I hope this finds you well. Happy Spring and I trust you and yours have had a jim-dandy day.

A delightful day on the old GrrrExcursion Trail. I have to admit – my original plan was to write this GEL using 20-something-like text short-hand. One of our ever-resourceful Band Scholars even hunted up a web-site which was an encyclopedia of these bizarre acronyms. After further reflection, however, I decided that a 50-something trying to use this short-hand could be a CWOT, provide 511, and actually IH8 It. But 459 and 10Q.

Okie-Dokie – back to the business as hand, well we just ended this day with a great Vesper Service featuring our Tiger Band God Squad comprised of Rebecca, Hannah, Jonathan & Evan. What a beautiful and moving service [actually following the primary service, there was a secondary service of sorts – as we celebrate the vernal equinox and as more than a few of us have slightly druidic tendencies – burnt offerings (aka Eddie) seemed to play a significant part in this second “service”].

Earlier today we returned to the amazing National World War I Museum [we were strapped for time yesterday when we first visited – and as the tickets were good for two days – this seemed like a logical way to further explore this astounding venue and spend the afternoon]. Truly not too be imagined. And what glorious weather today!

As you all well-know – big, big, big – tough, tough, tough game tomorrow night as our Georgetown Tigers take on the #3 ranked Mountain State [WVA] squad in the national semi-finals. It is an 8:00 PM [CDT] Tip-Off. It is our understanding that the game will be televised in the greater Lexington area by WKYT on their CW channel. If you live in/around the bluegrass area, you might check the local listings.

Our Tigers [32-4] have a 12-game history with the MSU Cougars [32-3] with MSU leading the series 7-5. How about we make that 7-6 tomorrow night!

Trust me, the Band Scholars are red hot and a’heatin’ for this prestigious Fab Four game. We shall add our very special flavor and flair to the proceedings and once again knock the socks off of the fine folks of Kansas City. It is a privilege, it is a pleasure for us to continue our now nearly week-long quest to the Championship Game with our cherished friend, Coach R. Happy Osborne and our Tigers. Thanks, Thanks & Thanks to Hap and everything that he has done for our entire campus community over the past thirty years. Every Tiger everywhere needs to be cheering for Georgetown in what will be a hard-fought game tomorrow evening. Grrr

So that’s it for now. Thanks & Thanks for your continuing support of the Band Scholars and Bands at Georgetown College. Be Well. Go Tigers.

Today’s Photos [attached]
- The National World War I Museum
- Mr. Dewey L. Creech, Director’s Assistant
- 2011 GrrrExcursionnaires at the WWI
- Tonight’s first service – Vespers
- Tonight’s second “service”

Most Warmly,
Pete LaRue
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