From the GEL [Grrr… Excursion Log]
Band Date: 032211
Tiger Bands “On the Road” Series – KC2011

Good Evening Band Scholars & Band Friends,

I hope this finds you well. Day Eight of our extraordinary KC2011 Grrr… Excursion just ended as we safely returned this evening to Georgetown.

Thanks & Thanks …

- to each of you who have faithfully followed the progress of our Tiger Bands “On the Road” series via the daily Grrr… Excursion Log

- to all of the great people we met in Kansas City and along the way

- to Coach R. Happy Osborne and our Tigers for giving our entire campus community a most-memorable season

- to each and every Band Friend who believes in and faithfully supports the Band Scholars and Bands at Georgetown Tigers – year after year, decade after decade

- to the Traveling Band Scholars of our KC2011 Grrr… excursion – you were exemplars of excellence for our entire campus community – time after time after time … you well-represented our Tiger Bands and our College – time after time after time … to say that you have added to the legacy and lore of our Tiger Bands would be an understatement … Thanks, Thanks & Thanks

Cherish, Remember – these are special times and we are a most blessed and fortunate people. Now signing off from the Grrr… Excursion Log. Be Well.

Most Warmly,
Pete LaRue
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