Grrr… Excursion
KC20 ~ March 15-20 [possible extension to 3/23]


Moron Release Clause [MRC]


I, ________________ญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญ___________________ (please print full name here),


… being of sound mind but somewhat questionable cognitive reasoning, have made one or more errors in judgment while participating in a Georgetown College Tiger Band Grrr… Excursion.  In so doing, I have violated one or more of the Purposes and Objectives of the KC2011 Trip, including, but not limited to, [1] providing a focal point of excellence, excitement, and enthusiasm for our College and our Team; and [2] continuing the excellent travel habits which we have established on our previous Grrr…   Excursions.  For all intents and purposes, I have behaved in such a way that can lead one to fairly and accurately describe me as a complete moron.


I am aware that my decision making could lead to potentially negative consequences for my fellow Scholars and The Management.  In signing this document, I hereby exonerate the Tiger Bands (and by extension Georgetown College) in any previous and future cases in which I behave in a way that band leadership might characterize as stupid, inane, insipid, foolish, or totally without intelligence.  Such behavior is included but not limited to saying stupid things, improper use of band equipment, dressing questionably while in public, and shouting inappropriate things to passersby.  I personally acknowledge my fault in the injudicious incident and hold harmless my leadership and brethren in the aforementioned organization.




Signature: ___________________________


Please Print Name: ___________________________


Date: ___________________________


Band is our Business … and Business is Good