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Summer of 2016

We are most-appreciative to each and all who have chosen Georgetown College as the host-site for your 2016 camping experiences. We look forward to a great summer season.

Each summer we
are excited to see many friends - old and new - as we continue to have the privilege and the pleasure to serve as the host-site for many life-changing camps and conferences

Welcome to Summer Programs & Camps at Georgetown College. Since the middle 1990's, our campus has served as the host-site for many outstanding summer camps, featuring a veritable plethora of interests. Each year several thousand campers and guests arrive for a bit of the Georgetown Experience.  Again, Welcome one and all!

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Primary Contacts
SP&C Office
Telephone I - 502.863.7036
Telephone II - 502.863.7936
Fax - 502.868.7736
Team Mobile [Camp Hotline] - 859.806.6142

Dr. Peter LaRue
Executive Director
Academic Year: 502.863.8054
Camping Season: 502.863.7936

Mrs. Jan Lobitz
Administrative Coordinator
Telephone: 502.863.8639

Mr. Travis Mazurek
Assistant Director
Telephone: 859.248.4489

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Governor's School for Entrepreneurs

High Potential "Blue Chip" Basketball Camps

Trilogy Lacrosse Camps

Horsey Hundred

plus a veritable plethora of other camps enabling participants to be involved in a wide variety of sports and other interest areas

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