C    O    L    L    E    G    E

Summer Programs & Camps

2013 Horsey Hundred
as sponsored by the

Bluegrass Cycling Club
as hosted by
Georgetown College
May 24-26, 2013
  Bluegrass Cycling Club

Randy Thomas
2013 Horsey Hundred Coordinator

Senior Staff
Mike Bagley
Fran Bevins
Rand Cimino
Bill Cole
Dwayne Edwards
Christian Erickson
Rachel Jacobs
Don Leach
Amanda Mefford
George Pierce
Laurie Roberts
Rowena Ruff
Dan Sharp
John Simpson
Terio Sutherland
Pam Thomas
Bryan Williams
beautiful weather ...
beautiful countryside ...
great food ...
great organization ...
great folks ...

Legendary Bugler Bucky Sallee
sounds "Call To Post" to start the 2013 Horsey Hundred

Mr. Josh Eckman, General Manager - Dining
Mr. Miguel Rivas, Executive Chef - Dining
preparing for the Grand Barbecue


... and a great time was had by all


we hope to see you again
next year ...