General Campus Guidelines

1. As guests of Georgetown College, you are expected to treat all facilities, equipment and other people with respect and decency.

2. Any guest who damages or loses college property will be held responsible for its repair and/or replacement. Any removal, re-arrangement of furniture/fixtures or beds must be cleared with your Camp Coordinators and our SP&C Team.

3. All individuals will abide by Kentucky law, federal law and College regulations regarding intoxicants, narcotics and drugs. The College strictly prohibits the storage, possession and use of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs on its campus.

4. Smoking and the use of other tobacco products are restricted to specified areas. [see policy]

5. As we have many guests on campus, loud or disruptive behavior is discouraged.

6. Please do not leave valuable items laying about in an unsecured fashion. Georgetown College assumes no responsibility for the safety or security of items of personal property, and is no way responsible for lost or stolen items.

7. It is the responsibility of our guests to keep their trash collected and deposited in appropriate receptacles. [i.e. pizza boxes, pop cans, etc.] Each dorm has a trash chute or large trashcans for your convenience - PLEASE USE THEM.

8. Please have your Campus Identification Card/ID Band with you at all times. (unless other arrangements are made by your Camp Coordinators)

9. Gambling or solicitation in any form is not permitted.

10. You will be asked to dress appropriately while on campus. Any inappropriate clothing, inappropriate slogans or a general lack of clothing is unwise and will not be tolerated. Shirt and shoes are required in the Dining Hall.

11. Any other behavior, actions or demeanor, which violates the intent of your Camp, or the spirit of our College, is prohibited.

12. Animals are not permitted in any building on Georgetown College's campus. Seeing-eye dogs are permitted for the visually challenged as provided by federal law.

13. Possession or use of firearms, fireworks, other weapons, explosives, ammunition or highly flammable materials are not allowed anywhere on campus grounds.  

Infractions of the listed policies will be dealt with swiftly by your Camp Coordinators and our Summer Programs & Camps Staff and may lead to additional camp charges or the immediate removal of the offending camp participant from our college premises. ANY PERSON NOT ABIDING BY THE GUIDELINES AND POLICIES SET FORTH WILL BE IMMEDIATELY SENT HOME.


Georgetown College per the signed contractual agreement by each Camp Coordinator expects the following:

1. all guidelines as established in the CampPac will be adhered to by all Camp Coordinators and Camp Participants

2. during each week of the summer season, there are generally “multiple” camps in session. Each Camp Coordinator is solely responsible for the behavior and well being of their campers

3. all participants will act in accordance with the historic spirit, mission and intent of Georgetown College, the general rules of Georgetown College and applicable state and federal laws or statutes

Furthermore ...

1. Georgetown College assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY personal property of camp participants or general camp property of the Camp Coordinators be this property lost, stolen or damaged

2. Georgetown College assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for the injury or sickness of any camp participant or camp staff personnel

3. Georgetown College assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for the misbehavior or misadventure of any campers or guests