Campus Information

Anna Ashcraft Ensor Learning Resource Center

For nearly two centuries Georgetown College has been recognized for its distinctive tradition of excellence. As a community of "Scholars Developing Scholars" Georgetown is nationally acclaimed for its rich traditions, high ideals, superb faculty and challenging curriculum. Recognition, which Georgetown has received from the Carnegie Foundation, and listings as one of the top liberal arts colleges in America by US News & World Report and college guides such as Petersonís and Barronís, attest to the excellence represented by our college community.

Located on 104 gently rolling acres in the heart of the Kentucky Bluegrass country, Georgetown boasts many fine ante-bellum buildings in addition to the state-of-the-art Anne Wright Wilson Art Facility, the nationally recognized Athletic/Leadership Conference Center Complex. the fabulous Anna Ashcraft Ensor Learning Resource Center, the George H. W. Bush Center for Fitness and the new Rucker and Hambrick Townhouse complexes. As home to approximately 2000 undergraduate and graduate students, Georgetown College indeed represents a historic and vital seat of learning.

The Mission Statement of Georgetown College

The mission of Georgetown College is to prepare students to engage in their lifeís pursuits with thoughtfulness and skill by providing an exceptional educational experience in a vibrant Christian community. Distinguished by its emphasis on outstanding teaching and mentoring, the College offers excellent academic programs in the liberal arts, sciences, and professions.

In advancing its mission, the College:

  • Offers excellent academic programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Maintains a strong commitment to core preparation and exploration in the liberal arts and sciences.
  • Provides talented faculty and staff who are committed to student growth and learning.
  • Preserves the close faculty-student bonds that have long distinguished its learning and mentoring context.
  • Encourages a faith that seeks understanding through free and thoughtful inquiry.
  • Honors its Baptist heritage through which it welcomes diverse perspectives and traditions.
  • Offers students an enriching living and learning community.
  • Supports a wide range of opportunities which promote engaging and meaningful experiences stretching from the classroom to around the globe.
  • Pursues athletic excellence practiced with the highest integrity.
  • Promotes ethical practices that develop character and enrich human and natural communities.

Fulfilling its distinctive mission with the liberal arts, sciences, and professions, Georgetown Collegeís aim is to continue to be one of the finest Christian colleges in the country.