Georgetown College per the signed contractual agreement by each Camp Coordinator expects the following:

1. all guidelines as established in the CampPac~Short-Form will be adhered to by all Camp Coordinators and Camp Participants

2. during each week of the summer season, there are generally “multiple” camps in session. Each Camp Coordinator is solely responsible for the behavior and well being of their campers

3. all participants will act in accordance with the historic spirit, mission and intent of Georgetown College, the general rules of Georgetown College and applicable state and federal laws or statutes

Furthermore ...

1. Georgetown College assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY personal property of camp participants or general camp property of the Camp Coordinators be this property lost, stolen or damaged

2. Georgetown College assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for the injury or sickness of any camp participant or camp staff personnel

3. Georgetown College assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for the misbehavior or misadventure of any campers or guests