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Summer Programs & Camps


Dormitory Lobby
Telephone Numbers

For your convenience, there follows a listing of the dorm lobby numbers for housing units, which will be utilized during the summer. For on-campus calls, you need only dial the four-digit number listed [i.e. 8543]; for off campus, all must be preceded with 863 or 868 [i.e. 863.8543 or 1.502.863.8543].

North Campus

Knight 8309
Anderson 8200

South Campus - Large Dorms
Flowers 8438
Pierce 8483 [concession stand]
Allen 8528
Collier 8573

South Campus - Small Dorms
Phi Tau 8728
Phi Mu 8750

PHA 8775 [game room]
Lambda Chi 8662
Kappa Delta 8684
Kappa Alpha 8706
Sigma Kappa 8640

Leadership Conference Center:  868-6300