Floor Plans
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Large Dorms
(86 person - Flowers, Collier; 84 Allen)

Small Dorms
(40 person)
Phi Kappa Tau House, Phi Mu House,
President's House Association,
Sigma Kappa House, Pi Kappa Alpha or Kappa Alpha House

Anderson Hall - 2nd Floor

Anderson Hall - 3rd Floor

Knight Hall

AGD Suites
(25 beds total - four apartments)

East Campus Apartments
(4 Buildings, 8 Apartments per Building, 4 Private Rooms per Apartment)
used by special arrangement only

Basic Floor Plan - East Campus

Rucker and Hambrick Townhouse Complexes
used by very special arrangement only



John L. Hill Chapel
(complete measurements and floor plan)

John L. Hill Chapel Stage
(stage measurements only)