Housing Safety Information

Emergency Exits

On the back door of each room in every housing unit is an "Emergency Exit" procedure. Please fully acquaint yourself with these procedures and the emergency exits upon your arrival. These emergency procedures will be followed in the case of fire, fire drills or tornado warnings.

Severe Weather Alerts

As the summer season often brings severe weather [i.e. thunderstorms and tornadoes] it is very important to be prepared for these eventualities. To this end, the following policies will be followed in case of severe weather conditions. If a Severe Thunderstorm Watch or Warning is issued or a Tornado Watch, the Camp Coordinators will be alerted by our Summer Programs & Camps Team. If a Tornado Warning is issued all Summer Programs and Camps participants will go immediately to: basement hallway of the John L. Hill Chapel, basement of Giddings Hall, or the basement of the Davis-Reid Alumni Gymnasium. Secondary shelters include the first floor hallways of Flowers, Allen and Collier Halls or the basement levels of Anderson and Knight Hall. Tertiary shelters include the interior hallways in all small dorms on South Campus. Our campus Safety/Security staff and members of our SP&C Team will help disseminate information and assist all summer guests in these emergency situations.


For your safety and the safety of all other guests it is IMPERATIVE that you keep all lobby, stairwell and individual room doors locked at all times. Each Summer Programs and Camps participant will be given a key which provides access to their assigned housing units and  for the interior stairwell doors. ALL EXTERIOR DOORS REMAIN LOCKED AT ALL TIMES.

Fire Extinguishers and Fire Alarms

It is against College regulations and civil law to discharge a fire extinguisher when there is not a fire or to deliberately set off a false alarm. Extinguishers and alarms are vital for the protection of people and property in the housing units and may be found in the hallway of each dorm. Your Camp Coordinator and our SP&C Team will immediately discipline violators if there is any misuse of these important safety devices. There will be a minimum $500.00 fine assessed to each guest for any misuse or unnecessary use of fire safety devices.