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Room Responsibility

(inside typical dorm room)


Flowers Hall

Georgetown College affords each Summer Programs & Camps participant very nice housing on our South, North & East campuses.  Each room is designed for, and will house two people only [with some exceptions (Knight Hall)].

South Campus "Large" Dormitories
(86 person - air conditioned)

Flowers Hall
Allen Hall (84 person)
Collier Hall

South Campus "Small" Dormitories
(40 person - air conditioned)

Phi Kappa Tau House, Phi Mu House,
President's House Association, Pi Kappa Alpha,
Sigma Kappa, Lambda Chi Alpha, Kappa Delta and Kappa Alpha Houses

South Campus AGD Building
(four, suite style apartments, AC, 6 beds per apartment, total 24 beds)

North Campus "Large" Dormitories

Anderson Hall
(168 person - air conditioned)

Knight Hall
(200 person - non-AC rooms)

Rucker and Hambrick Townhouse Complexes
completed in 2011 and 2012 these fabulous new facilities provide a very special housing option for specific clients
[special approval required in advance]

East Campus Apartment Complex
four buildings - eight apartments - 32 persons per building
(private bedroom; shared common area; two bathrooms per apartment)