General Operational Information
(Pre-Camp Conference, Housing Assignments, Registration Procedures, ID/Meal Cards, Linen Pacs and Mail)

Pre-Camp Conference/Meeting
It is in the best interest for each Camp Coordinator and our SP&C Team to have a conference no later than one week prior to the beginning of the Camp. This enables both parties to be clear on all operational issues and specific needs of each camp and to ensure a smooth, trouble-free camp.

Housing Assignments
Floor plans for your assigned dorm(s) may be found here on our SP&C Web-Site, requested from our SP&C and/or Facilities Management office. For camps of 200 participants or less, we expect your housing lists no later than one-week prior to the Camp. This enables our SP&C Team to prepare the key packets and registration lists in a fashion, which will facilitate a smooth and efficient registration sequence. Please remember each room is designed for, and will house two people only [with some exceptions (Knight Hall)].

The time and site for the registration of each Camp should be arranged no later than one-week prior to the Camp. Our SP&C Team has a variety of alternatives for registration and we want to facilitate your needs in any way possible.

Blue Chip Registration - Cralle

CentriKid Registration - Cralle

Horsey Hundred Registration - Rec Center

ID/Meal Cards & Lanyards
Each camp participant will be given a GC Summer Programs & Camps ID/Meal Card and/or Identification Wrist Band and Lanyard at the time of registration. You must keep these with you at all times. The ID/Meal Card or Wrist Band will serve as your meal ticket and campus identification. (ID policy varies depending on the wishes of your Coordinators - they will keep you informed as to their policy)

Linen Pacs
Linen Pacs are available for Camps which have requested this amenity in advance. The linen package contains; two sheets, two towels, and one pillowcase. A $15.00 linen deposit is required, $5.00 of which will be refunded upon return of the complete linen package in an undamaged state. Each camp participant is expected to bring his or her own pillow, sleeping bag and/or blankets. If a camper chooses to purchase a linen pac - please know that these are not washed daily. 

Georgetown College has a full-service post office, which is housed, on the lower level of the Cralle Student Center. Incoming mail should be addressed in the following manner:

[Your Name]
[Camp Name]
Georgetown College
400 East College Street
Georgetown, Kentucky 40324-1696

your mail will then be forwarded to your Camp Coordinator(s)

The hours of operation for the campus mailroom are 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday-Friday. Most mail services are available through the campus mailroom, including United Parcel Service (UPS) and FAX.

Georgetown College FAX number

Summer Programs & Camps FAX Number

Publishing and Duplicating Services
Georgetown College features a full-service publishing and duplicating unit which is maintained by IKON. Copying, enlarging, laminating, binding and other services of this nature are available. Pub/Dup is based on the lower level of the Cralle Student Center. Our SP&C Team can help coordinate and facilitate the needs of any camp in this area.