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John L. Hill Chapel

Other Facilities

John L. Hill Chapel
The John L. Hill Chapel serves as a focal point of many of our camp activities. Whether it is using the 950 person auditorium or the five large classrooms on the lower level - many of our campers spend a great deal of time in and around this fabulous structure. As these facilities are limited and highly sought after - arrangements for their usage must be made at least six-months prior to a camp.

Complete Floor Plan of the John L. Hill Chapel

Davis-Reid Alumni Gymnasium
George H. W. Bush Center for Fitness

Davis-Reid Alumni Gymnasium for many decades has served as the home to our nationally recognized Tiger and Lady Tiger Basketball programs. Utilized by many of our summer clients - it is fully air-conditioned. 

The George H. W. Bush Center for Fitness, completed in the fall of 2002, quickly became a mainstay for our entire campus community. Utilized by many of our summer clients, this state-of-the-art facility features the latest in physical fitness equipment.

Arrangements for usage of either the Davis-Reid Alumni Gymnasium or the George H. W. Bush Center for Fitness need to be made approximately one year in advance.

Classrooms/Breakout Rooms
Camps and  Camp Coordinators sometimes need facilities beyond basic housing units and dining services. [i.e. conference rooms, meeting areas, computer labs, rehearsal rooms, the Chapel, etc.] When these requests are made approximately one year prior to the Camp, the facilities generally may be provided. Unless additional facilities are part of our contractual arrangements, we make no guarantee in being able to honor requested facilities or needs beyond basic room and food needs. [in some cases - there are extra charges for these facilities]

Audio, Video or Other Technical Needs
Camps and Camp Coordinators oft-times have audio, video or other technical need. These may include PA Systems, VGA Projectors, Overhead Projectors, Screens, et al. Our SP&C Team has a limited number of these available and will try to honor requests all requests. If these requests, however, are not submitted at least one month prior to the Camp we can make no guarantee on their availability.

Lecture Hall
In the Asher Science Center, is a 114 seat Lecture Hall. Many Camps and Camp Coordinators utilize this facility for small meetings and general gatherings. Arrangements for use of this facility should be made approximately one year in advance.

Cooke "Ballroom"
In the Cooke Memorial Building, the large open area is referred to as the "Ballroom". This large space may be configured in many ways and is oft-times used by clients as a large gathering space, lecture hall or recreational area. Arrangements for use of this facility should be made approximately one year in advance.

Rehearsal Rooms
Oft-times, whether for a music camp or for camps which utilize music in their programs - rehearsal spaces are requested. Georgetown College offers several rooms and spaces suitable for these activities, in the Nunnelley Music Building, the Ensor Learning Resource Center and the Lab Theater. Arrangements for these limited spaces should be made at least six months prior to any camp.

Game Room
When special arrangements are made - for the convenience of our summer guests, a "Game Room" featuring foosball, bumper-pool, ping-pong etc., will be offered for our summer guests [generally in the Bisese Lounge]. This facility is available upon request of the Camp Coordinator and hours of operation will be established for each camp. Any damages or misuse of the Game Room or game room supplies will result in extra charges or suspension of the privilege to use this facility.

Frisbee Golf Course
Georgetown College offers one of the few 18-hole Frisbee Golf Courses in the Commonwealth. This course is designed for both enjoyment and challenge. Use of the course is available to any camp participant. Courtesy during usage is expected.

Sand Volleyball
Georgetown College offers a sand volleyball court for the enjoyment, entertainment and relaxation of our summer guests. This court is located at the top of South Campus. Availability is on a "first come - first serve" basis [except when prior hours of usage have been made by a particular camp]. We do expect all summer guests to be courteous and respectful of others while using this court.

Recreation Fields & Areas
Many Camps need outdoor recreational facilities or spaces for their camp participants. Georgetown College features the Intramural Field, South Hinton, the Quad and other spaces at the East Campus complex for these activities. Arrangements and coordination for fields and recreational spaces should be made at least six months prior to any camp.

Thomas and King Leadership & Conference Center
Completed in 1997, the Thomas and King Leadership & Conference Center at the East Campus complex is a fabulous facility, featuring a wide variety of spaces. In some limited applications, arrangements may be made to use this facility. Please contact the SP&C Office for further information.

Alpine Challenge Course
Some Camp Coordinators may desire to build teamwork, practice problem solving techniques, develop trust and cooperation, improve communication, and/or have another enjoyable experience, you might choose for them to participate in the GC Alpine Challenge Course at the East Campus complex. Programs on this “ropes-style” course may range from two to eight hours in length and can accommodate from eight to fifty participants. For further information, please contact any member of our SP&C Team.

The Pavilion
Some of our clients - make arrangements to use The Pavilion, on off-campus YMCA-like facility. This incredible facility is owned and maintained by Georgetown-Scott County Parks & Recreation. If you would like to use this facility - please contact our SP&C office.

Direction from South Campus [Jackson Street] to the Pavilion

From Jackson Street ...

- go to Military Street and make a left
- at the stop sign make a right, this is Main Street
- go through the light next to the Shell Station
- follow this until you get to the four-way stop light (K-Mart is on your right)
- at the four-way make a left (Cherry Blossom or 62)
- at the first light on Cherry Blossom make a left (Champion Way)
- follow this road for 7/10 of a mile and turn right onto Pavilion Way
- this driveway runs straight into the Pavilion
- enjoy

Pavilion Way is directly proceeded by Georgetown Oaks (an apartment complex)

The Suffoletta Family Aquatic Center

The Suffoletta Family Aquatic Center is an outdoor water park in the Georgetown - Scott County area. Features include a large play structure, a 600 ft. lazy river, a 200 ft. water slide, a spray pad, and a leisure pool all in a green area that truly represents the heart of the Bluegrass. Concessions are also served pool side in a nearby building that also includes a bath house.

Suffoletta is truly a spectacular water park for people of all ages. It is great for children who want to splash around on a spray pad or zoom down the water slide, and it is wonderful for adults who prefer to soak up the sun in the soothing water of the lazy river or to simply swim in the leisure pool.