Smoking/Use of Tobacco

Smoking or the use of any tobacco products are prohibited in dorm rooms, housing units, any indoor common areas or any other public buildings on the Georgetown College campus. The following policy guides the use of tobacco products on our campus. "The faculty, staff, and administration of Georgetown College are committed to providing a healthful, comfortable and productive learning, living and work environment. Full attainment of this goal is not possible until the College community becomes smoke free. To this end, our college community took the following steps in 1996 Georgetown College prohibits smoking in all indoor common areas, meeting rooms, offices and restrooms. Residence halls will pursue choices of smoking or non-smoking floors or individual rooms. This policy will apply to all employees, students and visitors to Georgetown College." Additionally, the SP&C Team prohibits smoking in any individual dorm room - which effectively makes all interior spaces during the summer entirely smoke-free. All campers and guests are expected to heed and abide by this policy. Many Camps and Camp Coordinators prohibit the use of any tobacco by their respective campers at any time during their camp or conference. Each participant must know the policies as established for their camp.