C    O    L    L    E    G    E

Summer Programs & Camps

2003 Centri-Kid Camps
Georgetown College
Cycle I - June 16-20; Cycle II - June 23-27
Cycle III - June 29-July 3; Cycle IV - July 7-11

what a privilege and pleasure it is to serve as a host-site for this most-extraordinary camping experience

Evening Worship led by members of the outstanding Centri-Kid Staff
on the stage of our John L. Hill Chapel
Registration Day is always exciting as church groups are enthusiastically met by the Centri-Kid staff

The Centri-Kid team graciously welcoming and registering Youth Leaders in the Cralle Student Center
Left: our 2003 SP&C Team with Emily Marler & Erin Burnett of the Centri-Kid Staff

Right: Emily, and Amy Fenton [her older sister] who is part of the professional staff at Lifeway Christian Resources in Nashville

some indoor activities in our new Rec Center

A new feature this year for our Centri-Kid Friends - the Youth Leader Lounge

and an even more exciting new addition
"Tiger Bucks"

few days more exciting for the Centri-Kitians than "Sno-Cone Day"

Welcome to the "Spin Cycle"
a continuing special feature - our weekly Youth Leader Bruncheons - a time for the adults to relax and enjoy some fine food
great food

a few words from Georgetown College President, Dr. William H. Crouch, Jr.
Wednesday evening Ice Cream Social

what a blessing this fabulous offering is to all involved
we hope to see everyone again next year as the partnership between
Centri-Kid and Summer Programs & Camps at Georgetown College
continues and grows as we host

"Enter At Your Own Risk"