Internet and Telephone Usage

Telephone Use

Individual rooms on our Georgetown College Campus are not provided with telephones, however, each lobby of each dorm is equipped with at least one telephone for the convenience of our summer guests. Because of our campus-wide shift to a fiber optic and telecommunications network, old data transmission lines and individual room telephones were removed. Each guest is encouraged to bring their own mobile telephone [per rules/guidelines of each individual camp]. Directions for telephone usage are posted in each lobby. Guests will be assessed a $100.00 fine for any misuse of the telephone or technology system.  

Dorm Room Wireless Internet Access

Guests are encouraged to bring personal computers as they deem appropriate [per rules/guidelines of each individual camp]. Each guest wishing to use internet in their respective dorm must utilize the “Camp Wifi” wireless internet network. This is a “Pay As You Go” system that provides 20 minutes of free internet access per 24 hour period. Further usage during a 24 hour period requires a $8.00 fee paid via Credit Card.

Campus Wireless Internet Access

Our campus features several free "hot spots" that guests may use for their convenience. Guests wishing to use this service must connect to the “Tiger Guest” wireless internet network. These access points may be found in the: Cralle Student Center, George H.W. Bush Center for Fitness, Ensor Learning Resource Center, and John L. Hill Chapel.

special technology arrangements may be made by some of our large-scale, multi-week camp offerings which supersede these general guidelines