(a brief history of Centri-Kid at Georgetown College)

During the late 1990's, Mr. Lance Howerton of LifeWay approached Dr. Peter LaRue, Director of Summer Programs and Camps at Georgetown College about the possibility of Georgetown serving as a host-site for a FUGE camp. At that time, it was not possible. In 2000, Dr. Ken Thomas of LifeWay, again approached Dr. Pete - with a vision for a new camp for youth - Centri-Kid. They proceeded with plans for the first CK@GTC experience which was held for two weeks in 2001 as Georgetown [along with two other sites] served as inaugural host-venues for the new Centri-Kid offering. For 2002, Georgetown again hosted two weeks of Centri-Kid offerings, expanding to four weeks in 2003, five weeks in 2005, six weeks in 2006, seven weeks in 2009 and a planned for eight weeks in 2010.

Many, many people have shared the dream of making CK@GTC the premier camping experience of its kind in the nation - and we are grateful to them all. Of particular note are Dr. Ken Thomas, Mr. Joe Palmer, Retired Director of the Student Events Department, LifeWay and Dr. Bill Crouch, President of Georgetown College.

Additionally three young people have had an enormous influence on CK@GTC as this life-changing experience has been defined and refined. Ms. Jennifer Collie [nee Creason] shall always be known as the Godmother of CK@GTC, SGT Jason A. Reinhardt, the Godfather of CK@GTC and Meredith May Teasley, the Princess Royal of CK@GTC.

We are grateful to all of the many who have helped shape this very special Spirit-Filled, God-Centered experience ... the thousands and thousands of youth and adult alike, who have been a part of CK@GTC.


CKII Team Directors
Jennifer Collie [nee Creason] - 2001
Jon Merryman - 2002
Emily Marler - 2003
Meredith May - 2004
Erin Burnett - 2005
Mark Lamb - 2006
Jeff Kelly - 2007
Tanner Bridgeman - 2008
Brent Miller - 2009
Meredith May Teasley - 2010
Meredith May Teasley & Jen Hall - 2011

CK@GTC Concierges
Jason Reinhardt - 2001-2004
Alexei Trout - 2005
Jarrod Hunt - 2006-2007
Michael-Patrick Gilkison - 2008
Joshua Snowden - 2009
SP&C Team Members - 2010
Travis Mazurek - 2011