Special Needs

We at Georgetown College and the members of the CKII Team are very sensitive to special needs which our guests might have. To this end ...

Special Dietary Needs
Each year we work to ensure the safety and welfare of guests who have special dietary needs. Most often, we work with campers who have special sensitivities to gluten, lactose, peanuts or tree nut products. We cook with no peanut oil and our great Dining Room Staff ~ in conjunction with members of our SP&C Team ~ will work with each individual regarding special needs in this area. It is helpful to know of these needs in advance - and then at the time of registration, we shall have a conference to ensure everyone is comfortable regarding the meals to be served.

Special Mobility Needs
Sometimes a camper has special mobility needs - and we want to ensure that these guests also have a great camp experience. It is helpful if we know in advance - so that we may make appropriate arrangements as necessary

please feel free to contact us at ... mailto:plarue@georgetowncollege.edu