Specials for Adults

Centri-Kid at Georgetown College is well known for the personal care and attention given to each Youth Leader, each Sponsor and each Parent. From the Youth Leader Lounge [a special retreat equipped with computers and provided daily with newspapers and coffee/soda] to the 24-hour a day "Concierge" for CK@GTC - all needs, wishes and wants for adults are cheerfully provided.

Adults love "Tuesday Treats" [when everyone is taken to our Mulberry Cafe in the Learning Resource Center which is a Starbucks outlet] for a complimentary cup of coffee and the Youth Leader Bruncheons [served each Wednesday morning - and the time when the very popular "Tiger Bucks" are distributed]. You will see many adults sporting their CK@GTC t-shirts and polo shirts given at the time of registration, as well as enjoying ice cream on Wednesday evenings with their youth.

Information regarding the special Life-Changing Scholarships [a unique partnership between Georgetown College and LifeWay] is provided for each adult - to benefit the youth of their respective church.