C    O    L    L    E    G    E

Music Department
Advanced Conducting: Music 336
Dr. Peter LaRue

Attendance - Class Participation

Attendance will be noted regularly. As this course involves class participation, discussions and lectures, regular attendance is essential for the successful completion of the course. Punctuality is an essential trait in the conducting profession. To this end, tardiness will not be tolerated.

An “unexcused absence” [i.e. words you are not sick (of which it is your responsibility to let me know), you have not had a personal emergency (which it is also your responsibility to let me know), or you are not involved with a “sanctioned” college event or activity (example – student-athlete, NATS, Kibbie, etc which it is also your responsibility to let me know)] will result in your losing 10 points from you class participation grade [total of 50 points possible]. An “unexcused tardy” will result in the loss of 5 points from your class participation total. Class Participation is just that – Scholars are expected to add, in a meaningful fashion, to discussions. Just “sitting” does nor indicate mental “engagement” and the fifty (50) points in this category will be reflective of this standard.