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Music Department
Advanced Conducting: Music 336
Dr. Peter LaRue

  Band Music

That which follows represents a partial listing of some music and composers. The listing is by no means comprehensive, and in a large part, is simply representative of the selections which I have found to be successful and/or noteworthy over the years. Finding good and suitable literature is an ongoing challenge for each of us as conductors - and basically - all - is a "work in progress".

Great European Marches

Kenneth Alford [British]: Vanished Army, Army of the Nile, Colonel Bogey, Thin Red Line, The Mad Major

Z. Elliott: British Eighth

Julius Fucik [Czechoslovakian]: Entry of the Gladiators [Thunder and Blazes], Florentiner

L. Beethoven [Austrian]: Military March, March in F

J. Hanssen [Norwegian]: Valdres

J. Texidor [Spanish-Style]: Amparito Roca

Gustav Holst [British]: Moorside March, Marching Song

Ganne [French]: Marche Lorraine

Leemans [Belgium]: March of the Belgian Paratroopers

Great American Marches

J. P. Sousa: Semper Fidelis, King Cotton, Liberty Bell, Washington Post, Fairest of the Fair, Gallant Seventh, Thunderer, Stars and Stripes Forever, El Capitan, Manhattan Beach

K. L. King: General Grant, General Lee, United Nations, Thumbs Up USA, Barnum and Bailey's Favorite, Gallant Marines

H. Fillmore: Americans We, The Footlifter, Circus Bee, His Honor,

J. Bilik: Block "M" March

F. Jewell: Quality Plus March

J. Cacavas: Burnished Brass, Gallant Men March

F. Erickson: Balladair, Citadel March

E. F. Goldman: Chimes of Liberty, On The Mall, Cheerio

C. S. Grafulla: Washington Grays March

R. B. Hall: New Colonial, S. I. B. A March

E. Osterling: Thundercrest, Bandology