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Music Department
Advanced Conducting: Music 336
Dr. Peter LaRue

  Band Music
(Younger Ensembles)

That which follows represents a partial listing of some music and composers. The listing is by no means comprehensive, and in a large part, is simply representative of the selections which I have found to be successful and/or noteworthy over the years. Finding good and suitable literature is an ongoing challenge for each of us as conductors - and basically - all - is a "work in progress".

Noted Composers of Music for Younger Bands:
Andrew Ballent, John Cacavas, John Edmondson, Frank Erickson, John Kinyon, Bob Margolis, Anne McGinty, John O'Reilly, Eric Osterling, James D. Ployhar, David Shaffer, James Swearingen

That which follows is a listing of "oft-performed" Grade II & Grade III music. The listing is not meant to be complete or definitive, and in no way is indicative of musical quality of the pieces listed. These pieces, however, are heard over and over at each district's band contests, and in most cases are good training and learning pieces.

Grade II
Silvergate Overture-Edmondson
Norwegian Folk Song Suite-Erickson
Silver Scepter-Kinyon
Sea Song Trilogy-McGinty
Castlewood Overture-Osterling
Overture for Tomorrow-O'Reilly

Grade III
Three Scottish Folk Songs-Edmondson
Blue Ridge Overture-Erickson
Kentucky 1800-Grundman
A Suffolk Celebration-Kinyon
Cobb County Festival-O'Reilly
Excellentia Overture-Shaffer
Battle Pavane-Susato/Margolis
Ashton Overture-Swearingen
Northpointe Fantasy-Swearingen
Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head-Wallace
Amazing Grace-Ticheli