Literature List
Younger/Intermediate Choral Groups
from the ACDA


Adonai Roi Lo Escsar Gerald Cohen Transcontinental Music Press #991440
Al Shlosha DVarim Allan Naplan Boosey & Hawkes 2 Pt.

An Old Carol Quilter/ed. Brunelle Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6622
Art Thou Troubled ed. Bartle Hinshaw unison
Ask The Moon Ron Nelson Boosey & Hawkes #6100
Beautiful Nancy Michael Neaum
Bist Du Bei Mir Bach unison
Bless The Lord O My Soul Ruth Watson Henderson Hinshaw HMC-1 171 unison
Bye Oh Baby Malcolm Dalglish Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6633
Cantique de Jean Racine Faure
Christmas Carol, A Charles Ives Theodore Presser #342-40116 unison
Circles Mary Goetze Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6634 SS
Da Pacem Domine Melchoir Franck s several available conon 2,3,4,parts
Didnt My Lord Deliver Daniel arr. Emerson Hal Leonard?
Fantasy on Two Christmas Carols Nick Page Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6515 SSSA
Feel Good Tyson & Scott
Feel Good Tyson & Scott/arr. Baker & Elliot Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6858 2
Fire Mary Goetze Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6482 SSA
Fog Audrey Snyder Warner Brothers Sv8931? Canon 3 voices
Friday Aftenoons Benjamin Britten Boosey & Hawkes
Garden Walk Chris Dedrick
German Lullaby Dave & Jean Perry Shawnee Press EA-201 2 Pt.
Good Night arr. Rao Boosey& Hawkes OCTB6441 2 pt.
Hey Now Bob Chilcott Oxford
Hine Ma Tov Allan Naplan
Hymn To Freedom Oscar Peterson Walton Music Corp. WW 1135 3 pt,
I Will Bring You Brooches Ruth Boshkoff Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6740
Ill Give My Love An Apple I. Ramish Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6699?
If I could Be a Shepherd Eugene Butler Fischer CM 8390 unison
Inscription Of Hope Randall Stroope Heritage press
Las Amarillas Stephen Hatfield Boosey & Hawkes
Linden Lea R. Vaughn Williams Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6635 unison
Lluvia Boosey & Hawkes also SATB
Mid-Winter Bob Chilcott Oxford T121 SA
Minka arr. Jill Anne Jones Shawnee Press EA179 2 Pt.
Ning Windete Lana Walter Studio PR/ Warner Brothers SV9627 SSA
Now I walk In Beauty arr. Gregg Smith G. Schirmer #12374 canon
Nursery Rhyme Nonsnese Marilyn Broughton Gordon Thompson VG-184 Unison
Orkney Lullaby Donna Schultz Boosey & Hawkes SA also SATB SAB
Psalm 100 Renee Clausen Mark Foster MF 917
Shes Like The Swallow Lori-Anne Dolloff Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6701 unison
Shenendoah Blues Elliot Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6455 SA
Sing Dem Herrn Praetorius/Wallace DePue Warner Brothers SV8640 Canon
South African Suite arr. Leck Plymouth HL-200 SSA- SSAA
Sweet Song of Christmas Chris Dedrick/arr. Crocker Hal Leonard 08740255
The Angel Choir and The Trumpeter Chris Dedrick/arr. Leavitt Hal Leonard
The Birds B. Britten Oxford OCTB6524 unison
The Child Bob Chilcott Oxford U170 unison
The Holly and The Ivy Nick Page Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6516 2 pt.
The Ives Collection C. Ives Peer International Corp. 02-093576-101
The Last Straw Ruth Watson Henderson
The Lord Bless You and Keep You Rutter Hinshaw HMC-1169 SA
The Mouse Madrigal Steven Porter Plymouth Music SSA
The Swing Lightfoot Heritage Press 15/1174H 2 Pt.
The Wind On The Hill Victoria Ebel-Sabo Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6519 unison
The World is Full Of Poetry David Brunner Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6858
from cycle Earthsongs
Three Dominican Folksongs Francisco Nunez Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6737
Toucans Two David Brunner Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6752 2 Pt.
Vanitas, Vanitatum Sweelinck/arr. Rao Boosey & Hawkes Canon in 2,3,4
Velvet Shoes Randall Thompson E. C. Schirmer #2526 unison
Water Under Snow Is Weary Harri Wessman Walton Music Corp. WF 701 SSAA
When Children Sing Mary Goetze Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6764 2Pt.
Who Has Seen The Wind Vistoria Ebel-Sabo Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6773
Winter Song Audrey Snyder CPP Belwin SV9332
Winters A Drag Rag Natalie Sleeth 2 Pt.