C    O    L    L    E    G    E

Music Department
Advanced Conducting: Music 336
Dr. Peter LaRue

Special Needs - Accommodations

The goal in MUS336 is success for everyone! There might be some special circumstances, however, that need to be taken into account for individual young conductors. As such …

Student-Athletes/Other Scheduling Needs
“Whenever a student knows in advance that s/he will miss class (as for a scheduled college-sponsored activity), the student should discuss the absence with the instructor prior to the event, and the student’s participation in the event should be confirmed by a communication from the event sponsor.  When a student’s participation in college-sponsored activities or other scheduled events will require multiple absences, the student should discuss the potential for those absences with the professor prior to the end of the first week of classes.” 

Special Learning Needs
“If you are registered to receive accommodations for a disability, please discuss them with the course instructor during the first week of class. You will need official documentation from Lloyd Clark in the Wellness Center (x7074)”