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Music Department
Advanced Conducting: Music 336
Dr. Peter LaRue

"Non-Verbal Communication"

There follows some thoughts, ideas and suggestions concerning the use of non-verbal communications in our work as conductors. Please always remember that we are able to communicate with our ensembles in many ways, and it does not necessarily require us to use our mouths. It is our goal to utilize ALL elements which we have available to us in the most efficient manner.


right hand
left hand


facial mask

Probable and Possible Usages:

right hand.....responsible for all primary information; meter, dynamics, style,
preparatory beats, releases, etc.

left hand.....responsible for emphasizing primary information; down beats,
phrasing, dynamic changes, releases

eyes.....can increase efficiency and be of great help with; cuing, encouragement, discouragement, style, etc.

facial.....can aid and abet in areas of; style, dynamics, balance, blend, etc.

fingers.....can increase efficiency and be of great help with; cuing, watching, responsiveness, encouragement, etc.

body.....can aid and abet in areas of; dynamics, style, intensity, responsiveness

Practice - Use of Eyes, Head, Body Only