Lowell Mason
The Father of Music Education in America
C    O    L    L    E    G    E

Music 314
Foundations & Principles of Music Education

Dr. Peter LaRue, Instructor

Course Schedule
Spring 2014

changes and adjustments shall be made as necessary

Week 1: January 13 & 5
Importance of teaching music
Aesthetic versus Ordinary experiences
beginning philosophy of music education

*Electronic Assignment #1A*

Week 2: January 22 [Wednesday Only]
Philosophy of music education - continued
Aesthetic versus Ordinary experiences
Intrinsic versus extrinsic goals or outcomes in music programs

*Electronic Assignment #1B*

Week 3: January 27 & 29
What is art?
What is music?
What is teaching?
Why should music be taught in the schools?

Week 4: February 3 [Monday Only]

*Quiz #1*


*Electronic Assignment #2*

Week 5: February 10 & 12
Referentialism, Formalism, Expressionalism - continued
Interpretation of Art/Music
To whom should music be taught?
Qualities of good music teachers
Traits of good music teachers
Required competencies of good music teachers
begin recorder skills - hand-singing

*Survey of Leaders in Music Education #1*

Week 6: February 17 & 19
Preparing to be a teacher
Philosophies/Qualities of a good teacher
long-range/short range goals strategies
pre-professional experiences
on-going growth and development
recorder skills and hand-singing continued

Week 7: February 24 & 26
Philosophies/Goals/Strategies - Continued
Five avenues of musical learning
What is the profession?
Professional organizations/publications and their importance

*Electronic Assignment #3*

Week 8: March 3 & 5
Our working philosophy as basis for:
Communication skills
The teacher/Music Education Program and the Community
Community education
Life-Long Learning

Week 9: March 10 & 12
Our working philosophy as basis for:
choosing appropriate literature
choosing appropriate materials
shaping the classroom or rehearsal environment

*Quiz #2*

*Article Review #1 Due*

Week 10: March 24 & 26
History/Foundations of Music Education - World
History/Foundations of Music Education - America
Bay Psalm Book
Sacred Harp Hymnal
Lowell Mason, William Billings, 20th century greats: Dykema, Seashore, Pitts, Glenn, Leonhard

*Electronic Assignment #4*

Week 11: March 31 & April 2
History/Foundations of Music Education - Continued
Topical Discussion - Issues of Diversity - Soft Bigotry Quote

Pragmatism - Introduction
William James, Charles Pierce, John Dewey, Charles Leonhard

Week 12: April 7 & 9
Pragmatism - Continued Materials for Elementary
Topical Discussion - Continued
Notable International Influences
Orff, Kodaly, Suzuki, Dalcroze

*Quiz #3*

*Survey of Leaders in Music Education #2*

Week 13: April 14 & 16
International Influences - Continued
Notable Current Trends in Music Education (KY)
Influences of KERA
Block Scheduling, Year Round School
Arts/Music Education Role in today's public schools

Practice Teaching Project #1

*Article Review #2*

*Electronic Assignment #5*

Week 14: April 21 & 23
Current trends in Music Education - Continued
Philosophy of music education as it impacts use/choice of technology
Towards the transformation of Music Education
Can we hope for a better future?
Forging a new vision
Arts Cooperation

Week 15: April 28 & 30
Philosophy as it impacts use/choice of technology - Continued
Societal perceptions of arts/music education

*Practice Teaching Project #2*

*Philosophy of Music Education Paper*

Final Examination
Tuesday, May 6 - 9:00 AM

Let's Have a Great Semester
Peter LaRue
January 2014