Lowell Mason
The Father of Music Education in America
C    O    L    L    E    G    E

Music 314
Foundations & Principles of Music Education

Dr. Peter LaRue, Instructor

No Class Sessions
Spring 2014

There follows a listing of the few times we shall not meet this semester. On each [with the exception of the Spring Break dates] you will either have an electronic assignment or project upon which to work. We shall hope [pray] that this spring [unlike the last few years] we shall not have to miss class sessions due to large amounts of snow and/or ice. Brrr... & Grrr...

Monday, January 20 [MLK Day]

Wednesday, February 8 [Kibbie/KMEA]

Monday & Wednesday, March 17 & 19 [Spring Break]

changes and adjustments shall be made as necessary