Lowell Mason
The Father of Music Education in America
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Music 314
Foundations & Principles of Music Education

Dr. Peter LaRue, Instructor

 Class Attendance - Class Participation

Class Attendance ~ Stimulating Participation ~ Being Chipper
MUS314A is designed to to have a high degree of class participation. To me, class participation does not indicate - sitting in a slumbering stupor - but rather to be fully "engaged" in the discussions and/or projects of the day and definitely BEING CHIPPER. Successfully "processing oxygen" does not necessarily translate into successful and meaningful class participation. Your meaningful class participation is worth a total of fifty (50) points. I view "excused" absences - just as they are named - "excused" [i.e. an athletic team is on the road, a performing ensemble is touring, you have a doctor's appointment, you are sick, et al]. To me "unexcused" absences - also - are just that - "unexcused". Any time you miss class - when it would not be in the "excused" category - your Class Participation point total may/will drop. An absence that falls into the "unexcused" category - will result in ten (10) points being deleted from your Scholar Account [it is assessed again the Class Participation pool of fifty (50) points]. If you are going to miss class -- or have to miss class -- please call or send an e-communique to me so I know where you are - if not - it shall be a "Minus-Ten Day" in your world. Grrr... .