Lowell Mason
The Father of Music Education in America
C    O    L    L    E    G    E

Music 314
Foundations & Principles of Music Education

Dr. Peter LaRue, Instructor

Honor Code

Although the College had adopted an Honor Code policy at an earlier date, and I have been here since 1993, during the Spring 2003 Semester, I became more aware of the need to reinforce the Honor Code of Georgetown College. My goal, our goal - is to not only help develop extremely bright young Scholars, but Scholars committed to ethical behavior in all walks of their lives [a much-needed commodity in this world]. To this end, on each "written" assignment - you will be asked to sign and reflect upon - that which follows.

Consistent with the Honor Code of Georgetown College,

I _______________________________ (please sign your name) swear or affirm that in the completion of this assignment - I have acted in accordance with the highest ethical standards of academic honesty. I have neither received nor given unauthorized aid in the completion of this assignment and have not condoned acts of this nature in my fellow Scholars.

Pete LaRue