Performance Opportunities for Vocalists

One of the primary goals within vocal studies at Georgetown is to provide students with opportunities to sing solo and grow vocally through real-life experience. Here are some of the possibilities available to voice students.

Student PerformanceStudent Recital Hour

Student Recital Hour occurs once every month during the fall and spring semesters, at 11:00 am on Thursdays. Performers and audience members gather in the Hill Chapel, and a recital program with a variety of vocal and instrumental pieces are performed. Majors are required to sing at one Student Recital Hour each semester and minors are required to sing once per year by the department. Your voice teacher may require that you perform more than the department minimum, and all students are encouraged to perform more than the minimum requisite amount. Majors and minors are required to attend all Student Recital Hours to support the other performers and learn from observation. Elective students are always welcome to observe Student Recital Hour and may perform at the discretion of their teacher. For more information on Student Recital Hour, click here.

Studio Classes and Guest Masterclasses

Mondays at 4:00pm are set aside for vocal studio classes. Singers generally do not meet every Monday, but when studio class meets, it may be as a single studio or a combined studio class. During these classes, there may be casual performances or mini-lessons in front of other singers in your voice studio. Additional studio classes include special guests ranging from Ear Nose and Throat doctors, to Alexander Technique specialists, to professional singers or distinguished educators giving mini-lessons to select students in front of the group.

Voice Studio Recitals

NATS WinnersAn evening recital of strictly voice students is performed each semester near the end of the semester. This event is always scheduled in the evening so that parents, other family and friends have an opportunity to attend. Each voice student on the program usually sings one song or aria. All voice students have the opportunity to perform on this program each semester, and some students may be required to perform by their teacher.

Sophomore Sets Recital

Each spring, vocal studies hosts a "Sophomore Sets" recital, during which sophomores each perform one recital set of typically 3-5 pieces unified by a language or theme. This performance opportunity is intended to bridge the gap between singing a single piece on studio recitals or student recital hours and performing a complete recital program as a junior/senior.

SoloistSolo Junior, Senior and Elective Recitals

A solo recital is required of all music majors during their senior year of study. Bachelor of Music Education and Bachelor of Music in Church Music require 25-30 minutes of music. The Bachelor of Arts in Music requires 45-50 minutes of music. Majors are typically encouraged, though not required, to give a junior recital as a “warm up” for the senior recital. Additionally, at the discretion of the voice teacher, minor and elective students may opt to give an elective recital and majors may choose to give additional elective recitals for extra performance experience. These are department minimum standards and your voice teacher may require more music or may require a junior recital depending upon your skill level. For more information on recitals, click here.

Lyric Theatre Program

The Lyric Theatre Program engages in a lyric theatre project every semester: each fall is either a full-scale opera, operetta or musical, and Opera and Musical Theatre Workshop is offered every spring semester. These projects provide students with the opportunity to perform musically in a theatrical context. For more information on the Lyric Theatre Program, click here.

Annual Parody Concert

The extracurricular club Student National Association of Teachers of Singing (SNATS) sponsors a "Night of Musical Parody" each fall semester. This concert features both students and faculty, singers and instrumentalists, in a program of silly, quirky and funny musical works with costumes and comic emcee. It is the perfect opportunity to sing something fun and doubles as a fundraiser for SNATS.


Voice students at Georgetown College are regular participants in the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) Auditions, which occur every fall at the state level and every spring at the regional level. You and your teacher will work together to decide when you are ready to compete in this and other local, state, regional or national competitions. Additionally, the SNATS club offers an on-campus competition, and the students with the top scores in this competition receive scholarships to pay for their NATS Auditions expenses (entry fee, accompanying fee, travel expenses, food stipend).

Solo Opportunities within the Choirs

Student performerMany pieces performed by the Chorale or the Concert Choir have solo opportunities within the repertoire. Members of the choirs have the opportunity to audition for these solos. Additionally, our Georgetown College students are regularly accepted for participation in the in the All-Collegiate Choir at the annual Kentucky Music Educator’s Association Conference. For more information, contact Dr. John W. Campbell.

Additional opportunities outside of the Music Department include taking part in musicals produced by the Theatre and Performance Studies Department, and becoming involved in the Georgetown Community Theatre.