Voice Teachers

At Georgetown College, three primary voice teachers offer lessons in increments of half-hour lessons each week or one-hour lessons each week. Lessons are customized to the student to meet his/her vocal needs.

Dr. John W. Campbell Dr. John W. Campbell studied voice at each of the institutions from which he holds degrees: Samford University, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He tries to help each student find his own voice, her own unique sound, through an open, relaxed, but full, instrument. Various approaches will be used, depending upon the student's learning style, including imagery (sometimes pretty wild!) as well as anatomy and physics. Significant emphasis is placed on developing a sound that is consistent throughout the range, on International Phonetic Alphabet as a means for producing consistent vowels and consonants, and on the communication of the drama of the music at hand.
Dr. Heather Winter Hunnicutt Dr. Heather Winter Hunnicutt holds her degrees from the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, including a Doctor of Music in Vocal Performance and Literature. She believes the best singers have consistent technique combined with an ease of artistic expressiveness, and works toward these goals with her students. “Achieving these goals requires a disciplined study of technical function, including coordination of respiration, phonation and resonation, careful attention to and appropriate study of musicality, including different stylistic aesthetics, and a gradual introduction to the stage arts or acting, movement and interpretation, allowing for maximum performance opportunities to hone the artist’s skills set.”
Ms. Rebecca C. Miller Students who enroll in vocal study bring a variety of musical experience and knowledge in performing and vocal technique to the studio. Dr. Rebecca C. Miller believes it is important to build on the individual student’s current vocal ability and singing interests while providing the knowledge and developing the skills for fulfilling the requirements of the major, minor, or elective areas of vocal music study. Because most singers have a good grasp of popular singing technique, Dr. Miller’s vocal students will develop the tools to approach the classical vocal repertoire, which includes English and foreign language art songs, oratorio and opera arias. “My students will, at their own individual pace, experience improvement in all of the aspects of vocal technique, while they work to achieve their goals in learning and performing their vocal literature.”