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Technique, Artistry and Passion in Singing.

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The Voice Studio

Welcome!  “Dr. H” teaches applied voice, diction, vocal pedagogy and opera workshop.  In addition, Dr. Hunnicutt is the chair of the Music Department, Director of the Lyric Theatre Program, and coordinates Vocal Studies at Georgetown.  She teaches a basic technical core of singing in the Western classical style, and teaches repertoire ranging from Western art song and opera to musical theatre and other popular styles.  


I believe that singers are athletes, training our bodies and minds to consistently work toward better functionality and optimal range, agility, resonance and coordination.  Singers, however, have the unique task of combining being a vocal athlete with being a sophisticated artist, incorporating musicality and self-expression with technical functionality to achieve the ultimate goal of moving an audience emotionally.  Achieving this goal requires a disciplined study of technical function, including coordination of respiration, phonation and resonation, careful attention to and appropriate study of musicality, including different stylistic aesthetics, and a gradual introduction to the stage arts or acting, movement and interpretation, allowing for maximum performance opportunities to hone the artist’s skills set. 


In addition to Applied Voice, I also currently teach, have taught, or am qualified to teach, a range of college courses related to the study of voice, based on extensive training in Opera, Musical Theatre, Acting, Dance, Pedagogy and Voice Science and my experience as a stage director.  These courses include, but are not limited to:


Opera Workshop

Musical Theatre Workshop

Acting for Singers

Movement for Singers

Musical Theatre Literature / History

Song Literature

Opera Literature

Vocal Pedagogy

Music History and Literature

Music Appreciation

Elementary Music Education

Secondary Music Education



















Heather Winter Hunnicutt HunHunnicutt

This website is best viewed by Internet Explorer

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